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Kerala on high alert after teen tests positive for Nipah virus

A 14-year-old has tested positive for the Nipah virus in Kerala's Malappuram. The state is on alert over a possible virus outbreak and Kerala Health M...


Know the benefits of drinking bitter gourd juice daily

Bitter gourd juice always works as medicine. Its taste is bitter but bitter gourd juice proves beneficial in many diseases. Yes, not only the vegetabl...


Obesity affects brain and leads to low sperm count: Study

According to a study, obesity may reduce sperm count by impacting the hypothalamus, the brain centre responsible for reproduction and signalling when ...


Here are some Home Remedies to treat food poisoning, full deets

Food poisoning, also known as foodborne illness, is a condition caused by consuming contaminated food or beverages. The contamination can result from ...


Know the types of monsoon fevers and prevention tips

Monsoon fevers, also known as monsoon season illnesses, are a common occurrence in many tropical and subtropical regions around the world. These fever...


Study reveals irregular sleep for a week can lead to increased diabetes risk

A recent study reveals that irregular sleep patterns over a week can heighten the risk of type 2 diabetes by 34 per cent in middle-aged and older indi...


Here are 6 essential steps to prevent monsoon allergies

Even though monsoon gives respite from the scorching heat, it can invite a plethora of allergies due to humidity and moisture which sets the stage for...


Gujarat reports first death due to Chandipura virus

Of the eight fatalities in Gujarat due to suspected Chandipura virus so far, a four-year-old girl succumbed to the infection as confirmed by the Natio...


Women must consume these herbs to get relief from PCOS or PCOD

Nowadays, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOD or PCOS) has become the most common problem in women. Due to unhealthy diets and lifestyles, the problems ...


AIIMS study suggests yoga can improve of rheumatoid arthritis patients' health

A recent study conducted by AIIMS Delhi suggests that yoga can have a significant positive impact on the health of individuals with rheumatoid arthrit...


Chandipura Virus spreads rapidly among children, know symptoms and prevention tips

Various types of infections start spreading rapidly during monsoon. These days a deadly virus is spreading rapidly in Gujarat and Rajasthan, even the ...


Africa's Ivory Coast deploys new Malaria Vaccine by India's Serum Institute and Oxford University

Ivory Coast initiated a routine vaccination programme with the world's second malaria vaccine, R21, developed by the University of Oxford and the Seru...


Know how a pinch of turmeric can help to get rid of bad cholesterol stuck in veins

Turmeric is a spice that has been used for centuries in cooking and medicine. This spice, full of medicinal properties, contains a curcumin compound w...


Eating beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas may help you manage diabetes better: Study

Need help balancing your blood sugar? A recent study suggests that incorporating pulses such as beans, peas, lentils, and chickpeas into your diet can...


Know the symptoms, types and prevention tips for piles

Piles, also known as haemorrhoids, are a very difficult disease. In Ayurveda, this disease can be treated to a great extent by making some changes in ...


Study finds smoking could be most important factor affecting cognition with age

According to a study, individuals who smoke might encounter a decline of up to 85% in their cognitive abilities, such as memory and speech, in compari...


Know 5 ways to prevent fungal infections in the rainy season

The rainy season brings relief from the scorching heat but also creates a perfect environment for fungal infections to thrive. The increased humidity ...


Check how consuming oats in the morning can reduce cholesterol levels

Consuming oats in the morning can protect you from many diseases. Oats are rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium and vitamin B, along with this oats a...


New HIV injection proves to be 100 per cent effective: Study

Large-scale clinical trials conducted in Uganda and South Africa have demonstrated that a novel pre-exposure prophylaxis medication administered twice...


Osteoporosis risk increases in women after menopause, full deets

When women reach the age of 45 to 55, they go through menopause. In menopause, women's periods stop forever, due to which many types of changes occur ...


Know effective tips to prevent pink eyes during rainy season

The greenery caused by rain gives relief to the eyes, but can also become a problem for their health. Conjunctivitis, fungal, viral, bacterial infecti...


Here are benefits of drinking water with a pinch of turmeric

Turmeric is a spice that you will easily find in everyone's kitchen. Turmeric not only enhances the colour and taste of food but many diseases can als...


Try these home remedies to get relief from blocked nose and sore throat

Getting wet in the rain, eating cold food or sleeping in AC can sometimes cause sore throat. Sore throat is common after a cold. Sometimes, shouting, ...


Know the difference between monsoon fever and dengue

The monsoon season brings with it the much-needed respite from the scorching heat of summer, but it also brings in a plethora of illnesses commonly re...


Study finds Chemo medicine may cause significant hearing loss in longtime cancer survivors

Researchers from Indiana University and the University of South Florida conducted an interdisciplinary study, yielding significant findings about the ...


Know how Chia seed help to lower cholesterol levels

An increase in bad cholesterol in the body means an increase in the problem of high blood pressure. High cholesterol can cause the risk of heart and s...


Here are some exercises heart patients should avoid practising

Being physically active improves heart health and keeps you away from many heart-related diseases. Exercise strengthens the heart muscles and controls...


Here are 5 tips to protect your child stay infection-free during the rainy season

As the monsoon season rolls in, it relieves the scorching heat. However, it also ushers in a slew of health concerns, particularly for children. The c...


Know about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Stage 3 Breast Cancer

TV actress Hina Khan took to her Instagram handle and shared the heartbreaking news that she is diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Taking to her In...


Know the causes and risk factors of premature birth

Premature delivery, a global public health concern, is often known as low birth weight, which means the birth of a child before the 37-week gestationa...

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