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India logs 614 new coronavirus cases

New Delhi: India recorded 614 new coronavirus infections, the highest since May 21, while the active cases have increased to 2,311, according to the U...


5 superfoods to eat for a healthier brain

Our brains are the powerful engines driving our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Just like any engine, their optimal performance relies on quality fue...


New Covid strain classified as "Variant Of Interest" by WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday classified the JN.1 coronavirus strain as a "variant of interest", but said it did not pose much threat...


7 superfoods for healthy muscle gain

If you want more flesh on your body muscles and want muscle strength, then exercising is very important. By exercising daily, you can build muscles in...


Know the 5 health benefits of Anjeer

Anjeer, commonly known as fig, is a luscious fruit celebrated not only for its delectable taste but also for the several health benefits it offers. Na...


WHO urges nations to maintain strict surveillance and sequence sharing amid increasing number of Covid cases

The World Health Organization has urged nations to maintain strict surveillance and sequence sharing amid the increasing number of Covid cases. The WH...


Check out some Calcium-rich dry fruits for better bone health

Strong bones are essential for overall health, and a key nutrient for bone health is calcium. While dairy products are often associated with calcium, ...


Centre asks states to be vigilant as Covid cases rise after 1st case of new variant

The Centre on Monday asked states and union territories to maintain constant vigil amid an uptick in COVID-19 cases and the detection of the first cas...


Study finds eating meals early may lower cardiovascular risk

In a study published in the journal Nature Communications, the researchers used data from 103,389 participants in the NutriNet-Sante cohort (79 percen...


Know 5 health benefits of drumsticks

Drumstick also known by many names like Moringa, Sahjan, Sujana, and Munga, is considered a great source of protein and calcium. It contains twice the...


Benefits of drinking coconut water on empty stomach

Coconut water is very tasty and healthy. It works to provide relief from heat. It helps in providing you with energy. It keeps your mind and body ener...


Here are 5 winter fruits to lower cholesterol level

Cholesterol is a wax-like substance found in our blood, which is necessary for making hormones and digestive enzymes. Total cholesterol in the body up...


Cardiologist reveals top 5 signs of silent Heart Attack

A heart attack, medically known as a myocardial infarction, is a medical emergency that can cause lasting damage to the heart muscle and even lead to ...


Here are 5 benefits of Superfood Horse Gram

Kulith, also known as horse gram, is a legume commonly cultivated in arid regions. Scientifically named Macrotyloma uniflorum, it is a drought-resista...


COVID-19 sub-strain JN.1 detected in Kerala woman

New Delhi: A case of COVID-19 sub-variant JN.1 was detected in Kerala on December 8, official sources said on Saturday.The sample from a 79-year-old w...


Know the causes, symptoms, prevention tips and treatment for Mums

A mumps outbreak has recently been reported in several states across the country, causing concern among public health officials. Mumps is a highly con...


India logs 237 Covid cases

New Delhi: India has recorded 237 new coronavirus infections, while the active cases have increased to 1,185, according to the Union Health Ministry d...


Here are 5 foods that you must consider to control high BP

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a common condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It is often referred to as the “sile...


Check out 5 health benefits of eating coconut

In the pursuit of a wholesome and nourishing diet, individuals are increasingly turning to nature's bounty for answers. One such gem that has gained p...


Know 5 natural ways to relieve pain without painkillers

In a world often reliant on pharmaceutical solutions, exploring natural alternatives for pain relief is gaining momentum. Whether you're dealing with ...


5 common symptoms of stomach cancer

Stomach cancer, also known as gastric cancer, is a type of cancer that affects the cells lining the stomach. It is the fifth most common type of cance...


Know about benefits and side-effects of Boiled Egg

Keeping your weight under control is the biggest challenge. If you lose weight, you have to face weakness. At the same time, if there is excess weight...


Here are 5 drinks that can help maintain blood sugar levels this winter

If you have diabetes, doctors and nutritionists often suggest opting for calorie-free or low-calorie beverage options to regulate blood sugar levels e...


Here are 5 remedies to relieve backache at home

Backache has been a common discomfort among individuals in today’s sedentary lifestyle. According to a study, up to 80% of individuals experience back...


Here is why kids suffer from respiratory infections in winter season

Winter, while often associated with festive celebrations, also sees a surge in infectious diseases. The chilly season is marked by an upswing in respi...


Know about THESE 7 benefits of corn

Corn is a healthy grain, which is a good source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is also very beneficial for eyes and digestive heal...


Know 5 ways of Superfood Guava for weight loss

Guava, also known as amrood, is a tropical fruit that is loaded with various health benefits. It is a popular fruit among many cultures and is widely ...


India reports 119 Covid cases on Wednesday

New Delhi: India on Wednesday recorded a single-day rise of 119 COVID-19 infections, while the number of active cases stood at 587, according to Union...


Here is list of 9 Organs that can be donated after death

Organ donation, a profound act of generosity, holds the power to instil hope and offer a second chance at life for those grappling with life-threateni...


Know everything about China's mystery virus, symptoms and prevention here

People across the country and the world were just recovering from the havoc of Corona when another mysterious disease attacked. This disease which ori...

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