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Covid-19 pandemic increased Type 1 diabetes risk in children and adolescents, reveals Study

A recent large study has revealed that the risk of Type 1 diabetes among children and adolescents increased significantly as a result of the Covid-19 ...


Study finds Vitamin D supplements may reduce the risk of heart attacks in people over 60s, Full details

A study has recently found that Vitamin D supplements may reduce the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attacks among people aged over ...


Blood sugar levels better controlled by higher dose of oral semaglutide

New Delhi: Higher doses of oral semaglutide, a widely taken blood sugar medication, have been associated with better control over blood sugar levels a...


Check out the Ayurvedic tips to follow to strengthen your immunity during the monsoon

With the onset of monsoon in India, it is important to take extra care of our health and strengthen our immunity. As much as we enjoy the rains, the s...


Include ghee in your monsoon diet, check out 5 reasons

Monsoons are here and it’s time to make some changes to your diet. Adding ghee to your diet is one of the best things you can do to keep yourself heal...


Suffering from arthritis than eliminate tomatoes from your diet, full details

Arthritis is an autoimmune disease in which our immune system attacks our bones and muscles. Slowly our joints get affected and their functioning gets...


Check out 10 signs to identify postpartum depression

Many new moms experience changes in their mood after the birth of their child. They keep wondering why they feel sad, irritable, anxious, etc. even af...


Know 5 yoga poses for men's mental wellbeing, Full details

When it comes to mental health, we often think about women as they are more vocal about the issue whereas men keep it to themselves because while grow...


India logs 186 fresh Covid cases

New Delhi: India saw a single-day rise of 186 coronavirus infections, while the active cases have decreased to 2,501, according to Union health minist...


Find out habits which make your bones weak, full details

Bones typically begin to deteriorate as we age. However, due to a sedentary lifestyle and the consumption of street food, bones become weak before the...


Study claims 'Covid survivors with depression show signs of brain inflammation'

Patients with persistent symptoms of depression and cognitive impairment, after a mild to moderate Covid-19 infection, had elevated levels of a protei...


Signs you should never ignore causing Dementia

Dementia refers to a group of disorders that disrupt the brain's ability to function properly and a host of types and causes are at play. The most com...


CDSCO approves AstraZeneca’s liver cancer drug in India

New Delhi: The Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) has approved AstraZeneca Pharma India’s liver cancer drug Tremelimumab Concentrate ...


Today is World No Tobacco Day

Anti-Tobacco Day, also known as World No Tobacco Day, is observed as a global initiative led by the World Health Organization (WHO) to raise awareness...


Five common digestive disorders that may lead to big problems, full details

They say all health problems start from the stomach. It is important to keep the digestion good in order to stay protected from more serious diseases ...


Know the complete healthy way of drinking water

Sit down before drinking water. No matter you are in hurry for something, but that should not stop you from taking a moment to sit down and drink wate...


Science finds today what Prophet Muhammed(PBUH) said 1400 years ago

Over 1400 years ago, when a child was born, the Prophet ﷺ made it his Sunnah (practice) to take a small part of a date and place it in the newborn's m...


China to introduce world's first oral insulin for Type-2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a lifelong disease that keeps your body from using insulin the way it should. People with type 2 diabetes are said to have insulin ...


FDA approves Pfizer's Covid antiviral pill Paxlovid for high-risk adults

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) yesterday granted full approval to Pfizer's oral antiviral COVID-19 treatment, Paxlovid, for adults. It is a...


World needs to be prepared for next pandemic, WHO chief

Geneva: The head of the World Health Organization urged countries on Monday to carry out reforms needed to prepare for the next pandemic, hailing thei...


Know the tips to protect yourself from heat exposure

Delhi is witnessing a blistering heat wave with maximum temperature breaching the 40-degree mark. According to a report by the University of Cambridge...


Effective ways to get relieve from period cramps, know details

Period cramps, or dysmenorrhea, can be uncomfortable and disruptive to daily life. These take place during, before, or after a woman's menstruation. S...


India records 756 new COVID-19 infections

India has recorded 756 new coronavirus infections while the number of active cases has decreased to 8,115 from 8,675, according to Union Health Minist...


Early signs of typhoid fever you shouldn't ignore, know details

Typhoid is an infectious disease that can be spread through contaminated water and food. Typhoid fever is caused by a bacteria called Salmonella Typhi...


Food items that help blood pressure in control, check here

The human body is an intricate network of interrelated organs and systems, requiring a holistic approach to maintain overall well-being. Achieving opt...


1,223 new cases of COVID- 19 registered in country in last 24 hours

A total of 1,223 new cases of COVID- 19 were registered in the country in the last 24 hours. The Union Health Ministry said, a total of two thousand 7...


Covid-19: India logs 1,690 infections in a day

New Delhi: India recorded 1,690 fresh COVID infections in a day, while the number of active cases has come down to 19,613 from 21,406 a day earlier, a...


India sees 1,331 new Covid-19 cases, 11 deaths in 24 hours

India has recorded 1,331 new COVID-19 infections while the number of active cases has decreased from 25,178 to 22,742, according to data updated on Tu...


One simple food can say goodbye to constipation, CHECK HERE

Due to today's lifestyle, people often have the problem of constipation. Some people do not have much trouble due to constipation, whereas for some pe...


India records 1,839 Covid-19 cases, 11 deaths

India today recorded 1,839 fresh COVID-19 infections, while the number of active cases came down to 25,178 from 27,212 the day before, according to Un...

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