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Small intestine adjusts size according to nutritional intake: Study

The remarkable adaptability of the gut, known as gut plasticity, is exemplified in animals enduring prolonged fasting periods, such as hibernating spe...


Study finds, eating almonds reduces muscle soreness during exercise recovery

According to a recent study, eating almonds helps muscles feel less sore after working out, which enhances muscle function when performing a vertical ...


Know THESE 5 benefits Black Currant

In the world of nutrition, there's a class of foods that stand out for their exceptional health benefits. Among them, black currants shine as a superf...


Here are 5 signs of zinc deficiency you shouldn't ignore

Zinc, an essential mineral, plays a vital role in numerous bodily functions, including immune function, wound healing, and even the senses of taste an...


Know THESE 5 benefits of Superfood Peaches

Peaches, often hailed as the epitome of summer sweetness, offer far more than just their juicy, delectable taste. Classified as drupes, these fuzzy fr...


Know THESE 5 benefits of muskmelon

Cantaloupe, also known as muskmelon, is a delectable fruit celebrated not only for its sweet flavour but also for its remarkable array of health benef...


Know 5 benefits of Superfood Blackberries

Blackberries, often hailed as one of nature's superfoods, are small but mighty when it comes to health benefits. These tiny fruits are bursting with v...


Know THESE 5 benefits of green onion

Leeks are a powerhouse of nutrients that pack a flavourful punch in various culinary dishes. While they may resemble their onion relatives, leeks offe...


Study finds plant-based diet can prevent Obstructive Sleep Apnea

A recent study published in ERJ Open Research sheds light on a crucial link between diet and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The research, led by Dr. Y...


Know THESE 5 benefits of the spicy spice

Chillies, those fiery little pods of flavour, aren't just about adding heat to your meals. These vibrant peppers pack a punch in terms of health benef...


Study unveils protein breakfast boosts satiety, concentration

A recent Danish study delved into the correlation between nutrition and cognitive function, revealing that a protein-rich breakfast can enhance satiet...


Know THESE 5 benefits of Pistachios

Pistachios, those delightful emerald jewels of the nut world, are more than just a satisfying snack. Packed with nutrients and boasting a unique flavo...


Study suggests parents can prevent ADHD symptoms in kids

A recent study conducted by a University of Waterloo researcher suggests that parents of young children with an excitable or exuberant temperament can...


Study finds Birth weight is linked with heart disease in adulthood

A recent study sheds light on the intriguing connection between birth weight and the risk of heart disease in adults, highlighting the role of shared ...


Know 5 smile tips for healthy teeth and gums

Maintaining proper dental hygiene is essential for overall health and well-being. A healthy mouth not only enhances your smile but also contributes to...


Here are common types of childhood cancer and their signs on International Childhood Cancer Day 2024

Every year, International Childhood Cancer Day, observed on February 15th, provides an opportunity to shed light on the challenges faced by children a...


Avoid cooking oils with carcinogenic contaminants: Study

Health experts have emphasized the importance of steering clear of cooking oils containing harmful substances such as glycidyl esters (GE) and 3-monoc...


Health benefits of parsley and peppermint, check which is more beneficial

When it comes to enhancing flavour and adding depth to dishes, parsley, and peppermint are two herbs that often come to mind. However, beyond their cu...


Know 5 benefits of Superfood Triphala

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in traditional remedies and herbal medicines, particularly as people seek out natural alterna...


Know 5 benefits of drinking pomegranate juice daily

In the realm of superfoods, pomegranate often stands out as a vibrant jewel. Its rich, ruby-red seeds and tangy-sweet taste not only delight the palat...


Here are Quick fixes to get relief from toothache

Experiencing a toothache can be incredibly uncomfortable and disruptive to daily life; thus, it is essential to see a dentist for a proper diagnosis a...


Know THESE 5 benefits of Chinese Cabbage

Bok choy, often called Chinese cabbage, is a leafy green vegetable with a mild, pleasant flavour. Beyond its culinary versatility, this cruciferous wo...


People who quit smoking before 40 likely to live same as non-smokers: Study

Smokers who quit smoking before the age of 40 can expect to live almost as long as those who never smoked, a new report has said.The study, published ...


Women with COVID may have reduced interest in sex, says study

San Francisco: Women, who have suffered from coronavirus, have been found to be interested less in sexual activity, a new study has discovered.The stu...


Maternal diabetes increases congenital heart defects in children: Experts

Congenital heart defects are the conditions of the heart that are present at birth and can affect the structure and function of the baby's heart. Febr...


Know THESE 5 benefits of Bean Curd

Tofu, also known as bean curd, often gets overshadowed by its flashier plant-based counterparts like quinoa or chia seeds. But this unassuming white b...


Know THESE 5 benefits of Olives

Olives, often revered as "liquid gold" in culinary circles, have garnered attention not only for their delectable flavour but also for their myriad he...


Know signs, symptoms of thyroid gland disorders

In the complex symphony of human health, the thyroid gland performs a vital role that often goes unnoticed until something goes awry. As we observe Th...


Know THESE 5 benefits of Cranberries

Cranberries are a popular fruit known for their tart flavour and vibrant red colour. While they are commonly enjoyed during the holiday season in dish...


India sees single-day rise of 157 Covid cases

New Delhi: India saw a single-day rise of 157 COVID-19 infections while the number of active cases was recorded at 1,496, the Union health ministry sa...

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