The newly-introduced Goods and Services Tax (GST) seems to have hit even railway passengers in the Twin Cities hard as the vehicle parking service charges at the Secunderabad Railway Station have been now increased by 18 per cent. Both hourly charges and 24-hour charges for two-wheelers and four-wheelers have been gone up by 18 per cent.

The sudden rise has come as a rude shock to the commuters using the parking service as there was no prior notice. Charges for two-wheelers which was Rs 10 each for the first two hours with additional Rs 5 for every extended hour, has risen to Rs 12 for the first two hours with additional Rs 7 for every extended hour. 

For four-wheelers, the charges rose from Rs 40 to Rs 50 for the first two hours and charge for additional each hour has been raised from Rs 20 to Rs 25. Charges for 24-hour parking for two wheelers rose from Rs 40 each to Rs 50 and four-wheeler rose from Rs 340 each to Rs 400. 

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Ahmed Says:
I have parked my 2 wheeler on 19-Aug-2017 for 15 hours, the total tariff was charged as 177 rs.it is 10rs per hour +GST

Comment posted on August 26 2017
Ramana Says:
I have parked my two wheeler vehicle in secunderabad on 20 September 2017 , I was charged fifteen rupes extra instead of ten rupes for five minutes late without my mistake , please look into the matter urgently has the staff is talking rudly for asking why you are charging twenty five for one hour.

Comment posted on September 21 2017
Sree Says:
As of November 2016, 4 wheeler parking charges are Rs.500/- per day. As Meru cab failed providing me service on time, I drove my car and parked(for 2 days 15 hours) in Secunderabad Railway Station. It is not even 3 days complete, but I paid Rs.1510/- Even my vehicle number is entered wrong and there is no way of verifying it before hand as the swipe card system do not show details(though this system is probably accurate in calculating time)

Comment posted on November 27 2017
Deepak Says:
I have parked my two wheeler vehicle in secunderabad on 27 November 2017 , I was charged Fourteen rupes extra instead of ten rupes for two minutes late without, please look into the matter urgently has the staff is talking rudly for asking why you are charging twenty four for one hour.

Comment posted on November 28 2017
SuvarnaSudagoni Says:
Hi We-parked-our-four-wheeler-on-7thfeb-6pm-and-picked-today-at-9am-the-charges-collected-are-Rs.950/-Thechargeswerecollectedonhourlybasis.Isanyonetheretolookintoandfixamountfor24hrparkingtime.WhenrequestedtoshowtheGOorrelatedGovtordertocheck,themoneycollectoratparkingslotsays,theypaidRs.1.0Croretogetthecontractanditisonhourlybasisonly.Ifyouwantyoucancheckwithanyone.Noproblem....likethathestartedtakingveryloudly. TosaveRs.100/-fromourresidence,wehadtoshelloutRs.1000/-toyourpeople.Notsogood.

Comment posted on February 09 2018
R.sivaramasastry Says:

Comment posted on April 26 2018
Goutham Says:
I parked my bike for 55 mins and asked them to clear the other bike to get out. But no one came within time and i was waiting for 10 mins... and the total time they treated as 1 hr 5 mins and charged 35/- at secundrabad railway station!! The worst behaviour and response from them.... If someone considering all these complaints.. it would be fine, otherwise no use of spending time and commenting here....

Comment posted on May 02 2018
Suresh Says:
@gautham , exactly same thing happened to me and was charged extra, we should be ashamed of this kind of services and there is no use posting our feedback here. Parking should be free by showing the right reason (platform ticket) which should include all these services..I know I'm wasting my time and energy typing all these stuff...it's useless...great going my dear government appreciate it..Atleast in fewthings support normal people.

Comment posted on June 25 2018
Venkatesh Says:
Too much parking fee collecting I parked my bike nearly 65 hours they collect 1151.They don't inform price patterns and they behaviours also worest.

Comment posted on July 10 2018
Yamini Says:
I parked my 2 wheeler today Mrng at 6 and received at night 11...they charged 350 rps from me... I am shocked to see such high range of hike even on parking....

Comment posted on September 02 2018
Taslim Says:
I think it's the mandatory duty of the Railway administration to provide free parking facilities to their passengers.

Comment posted on September 05 2018
Sathya Says:
I parked my bike on 23rd morning 8:5 am, and I received on 25th morning 5 o'clock they charge 850 rupees,are they are having any manners?

Comment posted on October 25 2018
Srinivas Says:
The current parking fee is Rs40+ GST, (for 2 hours) which is total of RS 47/-. Firstly, it is quite high for a waiting of about 30 minutes. They must have a slab of Rs20/- per hour My actual grievance is that the parking booth takes Rs50/- instead of Rs47/-. One can see how theyint money for taking a round figure!! Why can't they have a Paytm mode of payment?

Comment posted on November 04 2018
I have parked my two wheeler vehicle in secunderabad for 24 hrs am paid 420 rupees of parking charges i think worest govt mainatainance

Comment posted on March 08 2019
Sunil Baja Says:
I parked my two wheeler on 9 march 19 on 11.51 am and take back on 11 march at 10pm they have charge me 1044/- rs for 59hours they charge me 1044rs.

Comment posted on March 13 2019
Sreekanth Says:
I had parked my 2wheeler on 12-july-19 to 16-jul-19 morning. They charged 530 rupees. Please look into this. Is this right way to charge?

Comment posted on July 16 2019
Purna Says:
Worst and ruthless government, giving contract to private people and they are collecting parking fee higher and higher which impacts middle class men. Sometimes parking fee is greater than railway ticket cost. Govt should take action

Comment posted on July 17 2019

Comment posted on July 23 2019
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