US: Harvard University quotes the Quran, with its divine words, which is the final revelation as believed by the Muslims. Allah has selected it as His last and final book. Without any doubt, it came from the Creator of this Universe and guides us on the right path of living.

Islam has no space for injustice

Rules and Justice are profoundly organized in Islam and the Holy Book which is loaded with basic laws for people. Islam doesn't have any space for injustice. 

The entire globe likewise acknowledges this reality and loves what is referenced in the Qur'an. Despite the fact that their activities seem opposite, the equivalent is the situation of Muslims. 

At the passageway of the Library for Faculty, Harvard Law

School, being of the noticeable Law School, has shown an ayah from Surah Nisa. It clarifies that it is among the best articulation with respect to equity before. Harvard Law School is known to be home to the greatest scholastic library around the globe and is a piece of Harvard University.

Ayah number 135 from Surah/Chapter Nisa (woman) orders human beings to stick firmly by justice. Following attached it the whole verse:

It appears to be among the three significant quotations displayed on the wall which is facing the main entrance of the faculty. The rest two belongs to St. Augustine and Magna Carta.

These quotations were prescribed by the faculty and the understudies of Law School and from in excess of 100 passages, the Qur'anic section has selected.
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Mubashir vv Says:
الله أكبر الله أكبر الله أكبر الحمد لله

Comment posted on May 03 2020
Quran is the book of Allah narration, He addresses directly to all human beings of the World. Even the respected Sahabs of the prophet.s period were called in the court of their time, if any complained is filed by any citizen: jew, christian or any poor or rich muslim. some judgments were pronounced against the Khalifa of those periods. Moreover, Quran gives directions and procedures to be followed, for uplifting the true justice.

Comment posted on April 25 2020
Usman ibrahim Says:

Comment posted on January 18 2020
Ahmed tejan Says:
I want to be part of us

Comment posted on January 20 2020
Fahim Says:
So they have to replace their rule with the one in the Quran. As a Muslim, I do not have to wait for someone to tell me about the Quran and compare it with other books because for us it is incomparable

Comment posted on January 20 2020
Isa tokula Says:
This shows me that Harvard university is one of the best university in the world, calculative, accuracy and comfortable. would I be admitted to this comprehensive institute if opportuned?

Comment posted on January 20 2020
John Hannah Says:
I wish you had attached a photo. A sceptic challenged me as to the truth of this, and even though I believe you 100%, he calls this false news. Although an Anglican, I read and love the Quran. You must have a photo. Please email it to me and I will put it on Facebook.

Comment posted on January 22 2020
Thomas Says:
Give the telephone number of the Harvard department claiming this lie.

Comment posted on January 25 2020
Ahmed Says:

Comment posted on January 26 2020
Adjal Nadhir Says:
The Qu'ran is the best and the great. Speach to humanity ,it includes a rules of good life ,ir gives solutions for all problems in any time and any where. It isn't only a texts to read it but it is a true life.

Comment posted on January 27 2020
Sadat kasim Says:
That's true

Comment posted on January 27 2020
Yusuf Nazifi Dikko Says:
Allah is great. Alhamdulillah

Comment posted on January 29 2020
Qrysh Says:
I have always said, who ever reads and understands the Quran without any bias cannot stay the same.

Comment posted on January 29 2020
Abdulai Sule Says:
Indeed, Islam is the religion though many are running away from the fact

Comment posted on January 29 2020
Mohammed Mudathir Says:
Obviously, no comparison with any books. Its a divinely revealed book and guided by Allah (God) since. No edition and its relevance cannot be overemphasized . How many books hitherto written has not been edited ? Alhamdullillahi

Comment posted on January 30 2020
Abdullahi Maikano Says:
To Allah be the glory, Alkuran for ever

Comment posted on January 31 2020

Comment posted on January 31 2020
The kimossabe Says:
Any 1 who claimed its a false story or news as the case may be,,,should read the QUR'AAN and understand it Very well.I assured him he will truelly believe that QUR'AN is a powerful book

Comment posted on February 01 2020
Thabo Nyauka Says:
Praised be to Allah for sending Quran without no doubt, a guidance to those who are Al-Mutaqeen. Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbaru

Comment posted on February 01 2020
Salihu O.Kazeem Says:
Alihamdulillah,Alquran the book of life!

Comment posted on February 02 2020
Muhammed Abdulmalik Says:

Comment posted on February 02 2020
Sadiq Abubakar Saleh Says:
This is absolutely true. Kudos to the Law university for acknowledging the truth. Quran is the most comprehensive reference for all jusrists and justices.

Comment posted on February 02 2020
Sittie Nor-aya Dampas Says:
Ma Shaa Allah

Comment posted on February 09 2020
Fatima mohamed Says:
This is absolutely very true may Allah SW guide us to the right path

Comment posted on February 09 2020
Muhammed jawo Says:
Islam is best way of life... Without doubt

Comment posted on February 10 2020
Abu hindu mohd Says:
Masha Allah

Comment posted on February 16 2020
lamido SADIQ Says:
Yes, it's true! The quote was written at their entrance, that I have confirmed. Anyone can Google it if he can't go there to see for himself.

Comment posted on February 17 2020
Rebecca Jordan Says:
Read the Jungle Rules Trilogy - is the first book in a planned trilogy about a small group of retired SEALs who fight for justice. They work undercover for three-letter government agencies against great odds. Visit paulshemella.com

Comment posted on February 25 2020
Aminu Abdullahi Abubakar Says:
Masha allah

Comment posted on February 29 2020
Abubakar Abdullahi Maiyaki Says:

Comment posted on March 01 2020
Ibrahim Ismail Says:
Masha Allah

Comment posted on March 01 2020
mohammed Says:
Allhamdullillah Quran is a holy book of guidance for the entire world

Comment posted on August 28 2020
mohammed kaleemuddin Says:
Allhamdullilah Quran is a holy book of guidance not only for the Muslims but for the Entire World

Comment posted on August 28 2020
Mohammed Naseeruddin Says:
Alhamdulillah, . Every human being must read, understand and and beleive the BOOK OF ALLAH " THE HOLY QURAN"

Comment posted on December 24 2020

Comment posted on June 16 2021
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