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World AIDS day is being observed today

World AIDS day is being observed today. The day provides an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against Human Immunodeficiency Viru...


Know a few common tests to diagnose HIV infection early on World AIDS Day 2023

HIV infection is typically diagnosed through various tests that detect the presence of the virus or antibodies produced in response to it. The most co...


Here are 7 Easy home remedies to soothe sore feet

Nowadays, pain in the ankles and sore ankles has become a common problem. Although sore feet can bother in any season, especially in the winter season...


Pneumonia outbreak in China, six Indian states on ALERT

In response to a surge in pneumonia cases in China, health authorities in six Indian states are on high alert. The states of Rajasthan, Karnataka, Guj...


Know 7 foods that kidney patients should avoid

Your kidney performs many important functions in the body. They are responsible for filtering the blood, removing waste through urine, producing hormo...


Here are 7 surprising reasons why your blood sugar spikes in winter

Many people find it difficult to manage their blood sugar levels when the chilly winter months arrive and there are a number of causes behind it. We w...


Here are 7 iron-rich foods to eat to increase haemoglobin count

Haemoglobin, a protein rich in iron, plays a crucial role in transporting oxygen throughout the body. When haemoglobin concentrations dip below the st...


Centre renames Ayushman Bharat-Health and Wellness Centres as Ayushman Arogya Mandir

The central government on Sunday (26 November 2023) renamed Ayushman Bharat-Health and Wellness Centres as Ayushman Arogya Mandir with the tagline Aro...


Know benefits of mustard oil in winter

In the winter season, problems like cold, flu, viral fever, skin rashes, etc. start arising, in such a situation, mustard oil used in every house is v...


Which is better for health? Cow Milk vs Buffalo Milk

There is no doubt that milk is highly nutritious. It is an excellent source of calcium, which is essential for strong bones and teeth. Doctors recomme...


Here are 5 foods to increase hemoglobin levels naturally

Hemoglobin is a protein found in red blood cells. The function of blood cells is to carry oxygen around the body. Due to low hemoglobin levels, the fu...


Know the benefits and side-effects of Cranberry tea

​Cranberry is a plant that was first grown in North America. Its scientific name is Vaccinium macrocarpon. Gooseberry is a plant that grows in the for...


7 health benefits of Superfood Kalonji

From supporting our immune system to keeping heart in good shape, Kalonji (Nigella seeds) is a superfood that offers a bunch of health benefits. This ...


India records 36 new COVID-19 cases

New Delhi: India saw a single-day rise of 36 fresh COVID-19 infections while the active cases have been recorded at 215, according to Union Health Min...


Pregnancy after 40? Know whether it is safe or not

Pregnancy is a transformative journey marked by unique challenges and joys. As societal norms evolve, an increasing number of women are choosing to em...


Know 5 amazing reasons to drink beetroot juice in the winter morning

We frequently find ourselves longing for warm mugs of coffee or tea to start our days as the days grow shorter and the chilly winter mornings arrive. ...


Skin problems that can be caused by Diabetes, check here

Diabetes doesn't just impact your heart, kidneys, liver, eyes, and nerves or feet, it also affects your skin. If you're a diabetic patient, you must c...


6 superfoods you must include in your daily meal plans

For our overall health, we must continue to eat a nutritious, well-balanced diet. While it's common knowledge that including fruits, vegetables, and w...


Here are 5 amazing benefits of Superfood Sesame Seeds

Good things come in small packages! Might have heard that before right? But today we're going to tell you about some small seeds that can bring change...


Know 7 Side-effects of consuming lemon water

Lemon water is very beneficial for health. To get relief from the heat in the summer season, people consume lemon water a lot. This keeps the body hyd...


Here are 7 tips to prevent winter Arthritis pain and inflammation

As winter is approaching, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) patients may find themselves trading in feelings of pain and stiffness. The discomfort and inflamm...


These 5 things in your children's milk to make it more healthy

Milk rich in calcium is considered very beneficial for health as it is known as a complete diet. It is essential for the development of children. Howe...


Know the difference of Heart attack vs cardiac arrest

Due to today's busy lifestyle and unhealthy habits, people all over the world are surrounded by different types of serious diseases. Among these, case...


Know 5 benefits of Superfood Bajra in winters

These days the government is promoting millet crops in our country. Moreover, eating this superfood in winter can be very fruitful for your body too. ...


Which is the better breakfast? Check here

Many people start their day with eggs or nuts. Both of these are very beneficial for our health. However, it is difficult to find out which is better ...


Here are Nutritional benefits of adding Sweet Potatoes to your diet

Delve into the remarkable attributes of sweet potatoes, commonly known as shakarkand, that extend beyond their delightful taste. These vibrant tubers ...


Decoding the dangerous journey of polluted air in your body

Breathing is something we do without thinking much about it assuming the air around us is healthy. But what if the air we breathe isn't as safe as we ...


WHO declares loneliness a pressing global health threat

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared loneliness as a pressing global health threat. The WHO also launched an international commission...


Know 5 benefits of eating this Superfood Carrot

Carrots might not immediately come to mind when considering superfoods. Nonetheless, because of their many health advantages, these unassuming root ve...


Check 7 food items which helps in reducing belly fat

When it comes to reducing belly fat, choosing the right foods can make all the difference. Incorporating a variety of nutritious and low-calorie foods...

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