Malaysia's first Islamic-compliant airline Rayani Air has launched, with its maiden flight taking off from the capital to the resort island of Langkawi yesterday.
In-flight meals served on board its flights are completely halal, with alcohol consumption strictly prohibited, in compliance with Shariah laws.
The dress code is also reflective of Shariah guidelines, as Muslim flight crew must wear the hijab while non-Muslim crew have to be decently dressed. 
There will also be prayer recitals on the plane before take-off.
The company's Managing Director Jaafar Zamhari told the Star newspaper: 'We are the first Malaysian airline to be shariah-compliant based on guidelines by relevant authorities. We are proud of this.
'The shariah-compliant aspects will be refined as time goes by,' he added using the Arabic word for Islamic law.
There are already other shariah-friendly carriers operating around the world, and UK-based Firnas Airways is planning to offer similar flights next year, according to a Bloomberg news agency report.
Under the concept of halal - meaning 'permissible' in Arabic - pork and its by-products, alcohol and animals not slaughtered according to Islamic procedures are all 'haram' or forbidden.
Halal standards also apply to products such as cosmetics, which may contain animal-derived ingredients, and the conditions under which they are prepared and stored.
Muslim-majority Malaysia has long practised a moderate form of Islam but conservative attitudes are rising.
A company recently introduced halal bottled mineral water in Malaysia, and Islamic speed dating sessions - where single women are chaperoned - have been embraced.
A halal convention in Kuala Lumpur earlier this year, which drew thousands of delegates and hundreds of exhibitors, showcased products ranging from food and cosmetics to collagen produced from yaks in Tibet.
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Khizer Says:
ما شاء الله‎

Comment posted on December 23 2015
khalid Says:
As a convert who has travelled quite widely, I have always wondered why the major airlines of the muslim world do not follow Islamic guidelines re their cabin and check-in staff; I would have thought it would be second-nature! Apart from halal food, I would have thought hijab and modest dress would project "the correct image", so well done Rayani Air! However, it is also important for a company such as this - especially in a tourism & hospitality sector - to not allow itself to get "completely conservative" to reflect the growth of that form of Islam in the region. Which are the other shariah-friendly carriers?; as for those that make an effort to practice islam it would be useful to know who to travel with!!

Comment posted on December 27 2015
Habeeb Malik Says:
The world would see the beauty of Islam through this Airlines. There has to be no discrimination against non Muslims and they have to be treated with love and respect which is also very much part of Islam. Good Luck!

Comment posted on December 27 2015
Reygana Khatieb Says:
My daughter named Aa'kifah is grade 11 and ahe has an interest in becoming a fight attendant... But being muslim my husband was not happy about it as most companies have a certain code of conduct regarding their dress code. I am please to find an airline who embraces the Islamic wear and it now gives my daughter the opportunity to possibly forfill her dream at the same time giving us as parents peace of mind that she will be dressed as a muslim women. I would like to find out more about Rayani Airline and how to apply to become an air hostest,if possible could you send me the necessary information. She is studying traverling and tourism with hospitality. Shukaran

Comment posted on December 28 2015
Khadijah Says:
Congratulations! As salaatu as salaamu alaika Ya Rasoolullah!!! Ya Ummah of Rasoolullah (saw). May Allah Bless,, and continue Mercy.

Comment posted on December 30 2015
syed irfan tirmazi Says:
Now this is going on right way I m also working with takaful company

Comment posted on December 31 2015
Shakib Says:
But there should be no discriminaton to other religious people.

Comment posted on April 07 2020
congratulations will this extend to internaitonal level, to europe; USA; etc. ?

Comment posted on December 31 2019
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