Lips are the most sensitive part of the face. They are made up of thin skin that can get damaged easily. Pigmentation is a common problem. Lips can tend to go dark for a couple of reasons, sometimes it’s what you eat and drink and at other times, lip pigmentation can be genetic. So if you have dark lips right from birth, cosmetic surgery is a good option.
Why does lip discoloration happen? Lack of care is one reason behind it. Another is leading an unhealthy lifestyle. The number one cause of discolored lips is smoking. Every thing bad and ugly that could happen to you is caused by smoking. Nicotine causes darkening of the lips and lip discoloration. 
This means you will first need to quit smoking as doing so will make your lips lighter by three to four shades in no time.
Another bad habit you need to put an end to is excessive coffee drinking. Consuming a lot of tea and coffee can turn the lips black, in addition to staining your teeth. Try to limit your caffeine intake for the sake of your lips.
Another unhealthy habit you need to let go off is constantly licking and biting your lips. Dermatologists advise against this practice even if you want to keep your lips wet as doing so does not hydrate the lips, instead it will further dry them out, leading to their darkening.
Change your eating habits. One of the major causes of discoloration is vitamin deficiency and once you add lots of fresh foods and greens, you will see the difference in your hair, skin, lips, nails and general health. Vitamin C intake is also essential for your overall beauty. 
Never leave the house without moisturizing the lips and applying SPF. Always try to avoid the sun. In the summer, try to avoid swimming pools because chlorinated water can also harm the lips.
You should check your lipstick, it might be the cause of lip discoloration. Prolonged use of lipsticks and low quality lip products can cause lip pigmentation.
Try to wear lipstick only when needed and never put it on without moisturizing and applying a primer. Always remove your lip makeup using a good lip makeup remover or olive, almond or coconut oil. 
Always buy lip products from well-known brands and never forget to check the expiry date while making the purchase.
Always buy

products that include beneficial ingredients in lipsticks such as shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil. These products moisturize the lips and prevent any chapping.

Scrub your dead skin away 
Scrub your lips at least once every week to remove dead cells and dry skin; this will also help improve blood circulation and will make your lips look plumper. Here is a a simple DIY lip scrub: Mix five to six drops of olive oil with 1 tablespoon of sugar. Use this for exfoliating your lips and rinse off with water. Apply healing lip butter or a simple chapstick. If you are like me, you will be too lazy to make anything at home. Try Lush’s lip scrubs, they are all made with natural ingredients and taste amazing. I highly recommend the one with bubblegum. Yum!

Keep your lips hydrated
This helps retaining the natural color of your lips. It is essential to maintain hydration by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Eat fruits that are high in water content. Always use lip balms containing beeswax or cocoa butter as they seal in the moisture of your lips. 
Chapped/cracked lips are a common problem, especially in the winter. These can be treated with natural remedies that can be made in one’s kitchen.
The following recipes work on moisturizing your lips.
A cream rich in almond oil: Mix equal amounts of sweet almond oil with a tablespoon of honey and glycerin and paint your lips with it daily. You’ll get soft and beautiful lips, because the mixture contains nutrients that have a moisturizing effect for the skin.
A cream rich in rose oil: Dissolve one teaspoon of beeswax on low heat. Then, mix it with three tablespoons of rose oil, two tablespoons of coconut oil and one teaspoon of glycerin. Pour the mixture into a container and moisturize your lips with it every day.
A cream rich in cocoa butter: You need a tablespoon of Lanolin, two tablespoons of cocoa butter, and a spoonful of Vaseline. Melt the Lanolin by heating it. Add the rest of the ingredients to it until the mixture becomes sticky. Then, pour the mixture in a small package and use it, especially before sleep.
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