Know these 7 unknown facts about eggs

Mon 23 Oct 2023, 01:56:51
Eggs have become a common food name for our breakfasts. It contains several nutrients, like proteins, vitamins, and other minerals. But, do you know how to peel a boiled egg or identify the correct eggs? Here are not only such hacks but also some unknown facts about eggs that might take you by surprise. 

Peel off easily
After boiling the eggs, it takes a lot of time to peel them. If you want to make this task easier, then before boiling the egg, make a hole in it with a pin. Its peels will come off easily.

How to know that an egg is fresh?
To determine the freshness of an egg, keep it in cold water mixed with salt. If the egg sinks, then assume that it is fresh and if it continues to float, then understand that the egg is old.

Keep in cold water
To peel boiled eggs easily and cleanly, put them in cold water for five minutes after boiling. If you peel those eggs after some time, they will peel easily.

Oh my god, so many holes!
Would you believe that there are 17 thousand small pores in the eggshell? Yes, it is not possible to see these pores with the naked eye. But if you look with the help of a magnifying lens, you will be able to feel these


Children, old and young
Due to the nutrients found in eggs, they are considered very healthy for the elderly. Children and youth can also consume eggs. Overall, the egg is useful and healthy for the entire family.

Keep my heart healthy
Eggs contain omega three fatty acids. This is called healthy fat. This element is very beneficial for our heart and blood vessels. The yellow part of the egg contains a lot of fat, so many doctors advise not to consume it. However, scientists believe that if the yellow part of the egg is consumed in limited quantity then it does not harm the heart.

Six eggs a week
Research has proven that including six eggs a week in your diet is considered a part of a healthy diet. Eggs make you feel full for a long time. In this respect, it is also helpful in reducing weight.

How to keep it fresh?

Eggs remain freshest when you keep them in their tray in the refrigerator. By keeping them like this, the eggs do not get spoiled and they can be used for a long time.

A treasure trove of nutrients
Eggs contain a total of 11 different vitamins and minerals. It has the highest amount of protein among all the food items.
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