Due to today's busy lifestyle and unhealthy habits, people all over the world are surrounded by different types of serious diseases. Among these, cases of cardiac arrest and heart attack are coming to light every day. Most people do not understand the difference between cardiac arrest and heart attack and remain confused. The cause of heart attack is blockage or blockage of blood supply to the heart, whereas when the heart stops pumping blood, that condition is called cardiac arrest. Today we have brought for you some important information regarding heart attack and cardiac arrest. Read more!

Difference between cardiac arrest and heart attack
Heart attack and cardiac arrest are heart diseases, which are related to circulation. In this, a heart attack occurs when the blood flow in the arteries stops or ends, and that part of the heart starts dying due to lack of oxygen. On the other hand, in cardiac arrest, the heart stops beating suddenly. In such a situation anything can happen to the person.

What is cardiac arrest?
Cardiac arrest always occurs suddenly, with no specific signs before it. In this, the heart stops pumping blood in the body and the person becomes unconscious. In this situation, if immediate treatment is not received, a person can die within a few minutes. Cardiac arrest mostly occurs due to heart

attack and abnormal heartbeat.

Symptoms of cardiac arrest:

. The most important symptom of cardiac arrest is unconsciousness.
. Many times a person may feel some of the following signs before cardiac arrest which are as follows-
. Abnormal heartbeat
. Dizziness or dizziness
. Chest pain
. Breathing problem
. Nausea or vomiting

What is heart attack?

Nowadays thousands of people are facing heart attacks every day. Heart attack occurs due to blood clotting or lack of blood supply to the heart. Heart attack mostly occurs due to blockage in the coronary arteries, which can prove to be dangerous for the person by causing serious damage to the heart and can even lead to the death of the person.

Symptoms of heart attack:

Although the symptoms of heart attack appear suddenly, in many situations some mild symptoms can be felt several days or weeks before. Symptoms of heart attack can be seen differently in every person and women or men, such as

. Discomfort and chest pain
. Respiratory distress
. Breaking sweat
. Rapid heartbeat
. Pain and severe burning sensation in hands, back, neck, jaw and stomach
. Dizziness
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