5 Home remedies for runny nose

Fri 19 Jan 2024, 23:36:24
Ah, the dreaded runny nose. It may be just a symptom, but it can make life feel like a constant game of catching drips. While medications certainly offer relief, sometimes simple home remedies can be just as effective, and often gentler on your system. So, next time you find yourself drowning in mucus, give these five tricks a try. 

Steam inhalation:
The age-old remedy of steam inhalation offers soothing relief for nasal congestion. Boil water and position your head over the pot, creating a makeshift steam tent with a towel. Inhale deeply for 5-10 minutes. For an added boost, infuse the steam with a few drops of eucalyptus oil, renowned for its decongestant properties.

Hot beverage bliss:
A hot cup of something soothing can do wonders for a runny nose. Sip on a steaming mug of herbal tea – ginger, lemon, and honey are a classic combo – or warm milk with turmeric and cinnamon. The warmth helps loosen mucus, while the herbs offer anti-inflammatory and decongestant


Neti pot:
This might sound intimidating, but this little ceramic teapot is actually a gentle warrior against runny noses. Filled with a saltwater solution, it irrigates your nasal passages, flushing out allergens and mucus buildup. It's like giving your nose a mini spa treatment! Just remember to use distilled or boiled water to avoid irritation.

When your nose is on the fritz, staying hydrated is crucial. Thin mucus is easier to expel, so down plenty of water, clear broths, and even warm fruit juices. Avoid dehydrating drinks like coffee and alcohol, and aim for 8-10 glasses of fluids a day.

Spicy foods:
The inclusion of spicy foods, such as chilli peppers, can act as a natural decongestant. Capsaicin, a compound found in spicy foods, helps open nasal passages and reduce congestion. Whether adding a dash of cayenne pepper to meals or indulging in spicy soups, these flavorful options offer relief from a runny nose.
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