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New device to allow bypass surgery without stopping heart

Scientists claim to have developed a unique device that will enable doctors to perform heart bypass surgery without stopping the organ itself. Th...


30 pc of US antibiotic prescriptions unnecessary: study

At least 30 per cent of antibiotics prescribed in the US may be unnecessary, according to a new study that supports the need for establishing a goal...


Genetic switch may be key to increased lifespan

Scientists have discovered genetic switches in worms that are also linked to increased lifespan in mammals and may be targeted by drugs to improve hum...


Scientists uncover details of genetic events that cause breast cancer

UK Scientists say they now have a near perfect picture of the genetic events that cause breast cancer. The largest study of its kind resolved practica...


'Ginger' gene may help you look younger: study

Scientists have for the first time found that a gene known for producing red hair and pale skin may explain why some people appear more youthful than ...


Cancer drug may treat sepsis: study

Tiny doses of a cancer drug may stop the raging, uncontrollable immune response to infection that leads to life-threatening sepsis, researchers say....


Soon, low-fat chocolate that melts in your mouth

Scientists have found a way to make low-fat chocolate that easily melts in your mouth. Chocolate is divinely delicious, very smooth and unfortunately ...


Too much red meat in diet increases body's biological age: study

A diet containing too much red meat and not enough fruits and vegetables could increase your body's 'biological age' and lead to health problems, acco...


Female pelvis widens during childbearing years: study

Women develop wider pelvis during their childbearing years to allow for the birth of large-brained babies, a new study has found.With the onset of pub...


Shorter women more prone to delivering premature babies: study

Women who are short are twice as likely to give birth to a premature baby as tall women, suggests a new study.The shorter the mother is, the more are ...


'Cheat' day from dieting may help you lose weight: study

Indulging in chocolates and sweet treats for one day a week may help dieters with self-control and make it easier for them to lose weight, a new study...


Wives become less stressed after husband's death: study

Marriage has long been thought to be beneficial, but a new study suggests that widows suffer less stress and frailty than women whose husbands are s...


Half of brain keeps awake during sleep in new places: study

Have trouble sleeping on your first night in a new place? That is because one brain hemisphere remains more awake than the other, apparently in a stat...


Fatty food can make you sleepy too

Recent study has revealed that men, who consume diets high in fat, are more likely to feel sleepy during the day, report sleep problems at night and...


Cutting sitting time by 71 minutes may help you live longer

Reducing sitting time at workplace by 71 minutes per day may lower the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and all-cause mortality, a new study has claim...


Loneliness, isolation may up heart stroke risk: study

Loneliness and social isolation may increase the risk of having a stroke or developing heart disease, a new study suggests.The results indicate that t...


Eating dark chocolate may help you sleep better: study

Eating dark chocolates may help you sleep better at night as they contain a vital nutrient which helps to regulate the body clock, a new study has cla...


Stem cells may help treat spinal cord injuries

Scientists have successfully used stem cells for the first time to promote regeneration after injury to a specialised band of spinal chord nerve fibre...


Pig pancreas transplant may help cure diabetes

Chinese researchers have successfully used pig's pancreas in transplant operations to treat three type-1 diabetic patients, a significant achievement ...


Genetic risk, stress, dieting may trigger anorexia: study

A combination of genetic and environmental risk factors may trigger the compulsive restriction of food intake seen in patients with anorexia, a new st...


Electrical brain stimulation enhances creativity: study

Safe levels of electrical stimulation can enhance your capacity to think more creatively, according to a new study. Researchers from the Georgetown ...


Gut bacteria may help prevent cancer: study

Various types of intestinal bacteria may not only play a role in preventing obesity, but also potentially be used to reduce the risk for some types of...


Babies born to older moms may be smarter, healthier: study

Children born to older mothers may be healthier, taller and obtain more education than kids of younger mothers, a new study has claimed.The benefits a...


Depression may compound the risk of diabetes: study

Depression may increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in people with metabolic diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure and unhealthy ch...


Marriage may help cancer patients live longer: study

Married cancer patients are more likely to live longer than those who do not have the support of a spouse during their battle with the disease, a new ...


New link between Alzheimer's, Diabetes found

Alzheimer’s impairs insulin signalling in the portion of the brain responsible for regulating metabolism, making a person with the disease more likely...


Aspirin benefits outweigh risks in some patients

People who take daily aspirin to stave off heart disease may be inviting more benefit than harm, according to a government-appointed panel of independ...


Diabetes drug may raise bladder cancer risk: study

A drug used to treat diabetes may increase the risk of bladder cancer, according to a new study which suggests that the possibility increases with i...


Eating Walnuts may keep age-related issues at bay

Daily consumption of walnuts may positively impact blood cholesterol levels without adverse effects on body weight among older adults, a new study has...


Number of adults with diabetes has increased alarmingly since 1980: WHO

The number of adults living with diabetes has nearly quadrupled to 422 million over 35 years, the WHO warned today, adding the world is facing an "unr...

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