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Mesentery: New organ discovered inside human body by Irish scientists

Known as the mesentery, it was previously thought to be just a few fragmented structures in the digestive system.But scientists have realised it is in...


Sugar-free drinks do not help in weight loss: study

There is no evidence that sugar-free and "diet" drinks help in weight loss as is generally believed and may actually have "detrimental impacts" on hea...


Omega-3 fatty acids linked to lower risk of heart disease: Research

Omega-3 fatty acids in fish and dietary supplements are associated with lower odds of heart disease even in people already at elevated risk because of...


Father's obesity may affect child's social skills: study

Children of obese fathers are more likely to have difficulty interacting with others, according to a new study which shows that weight of parents may ...


New technology to detect skin cancer early:study

Researchers have developed an automated technology that combines imaging with digital analysis and machine learning to help physicians detect melanoma...


Cycling in bed can aide speedy recovery of patients: study

Early bicycle exercise during their stay in a hospital intensive care unit (ICU) may help some patients recover more quickly, a new study has claimed....


Shoulder pain may indicate heart disease risk: study

If you are having shoulder problems, they may be due to some heart disease risk factors - not just physical strain, warns a new study. "If someone has...


Stressful jobs can actually make you find ways to solve problems: study

A new study finds that stressful jobs can make you find ways to solve problems and work through ways to get the work done, instead of making something...


Dysfunction in brain structure may cause Huntington's disease

Scientists have identified a link between Huntington's disease and dysfunction in a section of brain structures that are critical for movement and imp...


New genetic immune disorder identified

Scientists have identified a new genetic immune disorder that is characterised by increased susceptibility to a virus associated to a type of cancer.T...


New tatoo ink may improve treatment for skin cancer patients: study

Researchers have developed a new tattoo ink that glows only under certain light conditions and disappears later. It can better help in surgical treatm...


Ebola vaccine highly ‘effective’

GENEVA: Final test results confirm an experimental Ebola vaccine is highly effective, a major milestone that could help prevent the spread of outbreak...


Vitamin D improves metabolic syndrome: study

 Extra Vitamin D can restore good bacteria in the gut, according to a study on mice, giving hope in the fight against risk factors for diabetes a...


Pregnancy leads to changes in a mother's brain: study

A new study has revealed that pregnancy causes long-lasting alterations in brain structure by improving the mother’s ability to protect and interact w...


Regular health check-up may prevent heart attacks:study

A study led by Queen Mary University of London has revealed that health check-up programmes may prevent heart attacks, strokes or death from these cau...


Fatal sleeping sickness can spread through skin: study

Skin plays a significant role in harbouring and transmitting a parasite that causes African sleeping sickness - a condition which is often fatal if le...


Heart attack risk double for people with less qualifications: study

Education matters for healthy living, as people who leave school without a school certificate are more than twice as likely to have a heart attack or ...


Yoga can improve mental health of kids:study

Regular practise of Kundalini Yoga which incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation and the chanting of mantras can potentially...


Higher smartphone use may up obesity risk in teens:study

Adolescents who spend five hours or more a day staring at their smartphones, tablets or computers are at a higher risk of becoming obese, a new Harv...


50% increase in kidney failure deaths in 10 years: study

Premature deaths from kidney failure have increased by about 53% in India in the last 10 years, according to a new study.Doctors said this trend was p...


Chemotherapy may cause heart damage in diabetic patients: study

Cancer patients who also suffer from diabetes also risk heart damage because of chemotherapy, a study has found. The study found that cardiotoxicity i...


Eat nine fruits in winter to keep your skin healthy

Winter calls for a hot cup of tea and fried snacks. But don’t forget to dig into gooseberry, papaya and pomegranate to combat dry skin which the cold ...


It's harmful to wrap food in newspaper: FSSAI

Wrapping food items in newspaper is bad for your health as its ink has multiple bioactive materials with known negative health effects, FSSAI said on ...


Frequent sex leads to better memory in women

Strengthening memory could not be more pleasurable – at least for women – than what new research suggests. Researchers have found that more frequent s...


Tiny fat-burning molecule may help fight obesity

Scientists have identified a molecule that may help combat the global epidemic of obesity by preventing excessive weight gain in cases where diets or ...


Yo-yo dieting may cause extra weight gain: study

Yo-yo dieting - repeatedly going on and off diets - may lead to weight gain as the brain interprets these periods as short famines and urges the body ...


Saturated fat may be healthy for you: study

Consuming saturated fat in diet may actually be good for you, claims a new study which challenges the long-held belief that dietary fat is unhealthy f...


Men could be more at risk of diabetes: study

Men accumulate more iron than women making them prone to Type 2 diabetes, researchers said. Two-fifth of men as compared to one-fifth of women were ...


8 times risk of major heart attack in under-50 smokers: study

Smokers under the age of 50 are over eight times more likely to suffer a major heart attack compared to peers who do not smoke or gave it up, accordin...


Aerobic exercise leads to remarkable change in brain

A recent study has found that aerobic exercise is more beneficial for adults with mild cognitive impairment than simple stretching.The study will be p...

Displaying 9931 - 9960 of 10511 total results
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