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Sudden death warning over faulty heart gene

An estimated 620,000 people in the UK have a faulty gene that puts them at risk of developing coronary heart disease or sudden death, and most are una...


High-altitude living may lower risk of heart disease: study

People living in high altitude areas are less likely to develop Metabolic Syndrome, a condition that may increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes ...


Creative people face disturbed sleep:study

Creative people - especially those working with art - tend to have disturbed sleep causing them to experience difficulty in functioning during the d...


Sleep deprivation may suppress your immune system: study

Not getting enough sleep may depress your immune system, according to a new study that explains why some people get sick when they are sleep deprive...


Eating fruits, fish, veggies may reduce bone loss in women: study

Ladies, take note! Regular intake of anti-inflammatory diets - high in vegetables, fruits, fish and whole grains - may boost your bone health and prev...


Mediterranean diet may help diabetes, HIV patients: study

Consuming a Mediterranean diet - rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats and low in refined sugars and saturated fats - for s...


Shower everyday can affect your immune system: study

If you think that taking shower everyday can keep you healthy and hygienic then give it a second thought, as a study reveals that over-cleaning can da...


Stress can be handled better with meditation: study

A study reveals that mindfulness meditation significantly reduced stress-hormone and inflammatory responses to a stressful situation. Researchers ...


Eating mushrooms may help prevent dementia, Alzheimer's: study

Eating mushrooms may help delay or prevent the development of age-related neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer's, researchers inc...


Eating broccoli can improve treatment of breast cancer: Research

Eating thyme, parsley and vegetables like celery and broccoli can reduce the risk of developing metastasis originating from breast cancer in women.Res...



Atrial fibrillation is a type of arrhythmia in which the upper chambers of the heart (the atria) beat erratically. This erratic beating can be extreme...


Every meal triggers inflammation that activates immune system: study

Every time we eat a meal, an inflammatory response is trigerred in the body that activates the immune system, according to a new study which suggests ...


Statins can prevent blood clot in veins: study

Using statins, commonly used to prevent heart attacks, may also have the potential to stop blood clots from forming in the veins by 25 per cent, say r...


'New method may lead to faster diagnosis of HIV, syphilis': New Research

Scientists have developed a new method for medical testing which may lead to faster diagnosis of HIV, Lyme disease, syphilis, rotavirus and other infe...


Work-related stress may cause cancer in men: study

For men, prolonged exposure to work-related stress has been linked to an increased likelihood of lung, colon, rectal and stomach cancer and non-Hodgki...


Diabetes may shorten life by nine years: study

People diagnosed with diabetes may lose up to nine years of their life on average, mainly due to inadequate treatment, particularly in rural areas, a ...


High BP in late life may protect against dementia:study

Onset of high blood pressure later in life, especially at age 80 or older, is associated with lower dementia risk after 90, a new study has found. Hig...


Early schizophrenia may increase risk of diabetes: study

People who suffer with early schizophrenia may also be at risk of developing diabetes, even before being prescribed anti-psychotic drugs and a poor li...


20 minutes of walking may reduce inflammation in body: study

Just 20 minutes of exercise may help fight inflammation in the body, according to a new study that may have implications for diseases such as arthri...


Weight lifting excercises may cut risks of diabetes: study

Your new year resolution of hitting the gym to indulge in some weight lifting exercises may not only help you tone those muscles, but also lower the...


Mother’s BP may predict sex of baby Boy or Girl?

The sex of a baby may be predicted by the mother's blood pressure, according to a new study which found that women with lower BP before pregnancy ar...


Study Shows The Way Stress May Harm Your Heart

 Scientists said Thursday they may have uncovered a biological explanation for the long suspected link between stress and heart disease.People wi...


Weekend exercise alone has significant health benefits: study

People exercising only on weekends need to stop feeling guilty for not being able to workout regularly due to their busy lifestyle as they see the sam...


Men eating red meat 6 times a week at higher risk of bowel disease: study

Six servings a week of red meat, particularly the unprocessed variety, is said to heightened risk of developing common inflammatory bowel condition in...


Person's life expectancy can be predicted by new blood test: study

Scientists at Boston University claim to have discovered a game-changing blood test that could help predict lifespans.The study, published in the jour...


‘Starch in bananas, potatoes, grains beneficial for health’: study

Resistant starch, which occurs naturally in foods such as bananas, potatoes, grains and legumes, may benefit your health by aiding blood sugar c...


New drug may reduce skin cancer spread by 90 percent: study

Scientists have developed a new compound that reduces the spread of melanoma cells by up to 90 per cent, an advance that may pave the way for a potent...


Cancer Deaths Fell 25 Percent Since 1991

Fewer Americans are dying of cancer. The latest numbers from the American Cancer Society show a 25 percent drop in cancer deaths since 1991, the peak ...


Mesentery: New organ discovered inside human body by Irish scientists

Known as the mesentery, it was previously thought to be just a few fragmented structures in the digestive system.But scientists have realised it is in...


Sugar-free drinks do not help in weight loss: study

There is no evidence that sugar-free and "diet" drinks help in weight loss as is generally believed and may actually have "detrimental impacts" on hea...

Displaying 9901 - 9930 of 10509 total results
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