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Parkinson's may begin in gut cells: study

Scientists have found that malformations in a protein found in the gut cells may lead to the onset and spread of Parkinson's disease, an advance that ...


Girls exposed to passive smoking face greater arthritis risk

Washington :  Smoking before your daughter can be harmful as a study has found that children, especially girls, who are exposed to passive smokin...


Teens as sedentary as 60-year-olds : study

Physical activity among children and teens is lower than previously thought, according to a new study which found that 19-year-olds are as sedentary a...


Meditation, yoga can 'reverse' DNA reactions that cause stress: study

Mind-body interventions such as yoga, Tai Chi and meditation can boost our physical and mental well-being by 'reversing' the DNA processes that cause ...


Switching to olive oil from coconut oil can be as good as statins for your Heart

Washington D.C. : For a healthy heart, you may replace your food choices from meat, full-fat dairy products and coconut oil to healthier fat like oliv...


Photosynthesis may help treat heart disease: study

Stanford scientists have found that using blue-green algae and light to trigger photosynthesis inside the heart could help treat cardiac disease, the ...


Daily aspirin use may up risk of severe bleeding, death: study

Long term intake of aspirin to prevent stroke or heart attack may put older adults at far greater risk of potentially deadly internal bleeding than pr...


Autism risk linked to fever during pregnancy

Fever during pregnancy, especially during the second trimester, may increase the odds of developing autism in child by 34 percent, warns a study. Auti...


Doodling makes our brains happy: study

Doodling can make you feel happy, say scientists, including one of Indian origin, who have found that art activities make brain feel rewarded."There a...


World Blood Donor Day 2017: Breaking myths around blood donation

New Delhi : "Blood is the elixir of life"- this saying is true, especially, when a person in acute need of blood gets it in time. Researches to f...


Vitamin C and antibiotics 100 times powerful at killing cancer

Vitamin C and antibiotics may be up to 100 times more effective at killing cancer cells than standard drugs, new research claims.Cancer stem cells, wh...


Vitamin C and antibiotics 100 times powerful at killing cancer

A combination of Vitamin C and antibiotics may be up to 100 times more effective at killing cancer cells than standard drugs, new research claims.&nbs...


Deficiency of Vitamin A ups tuberculosis risk by 10 times

Washington D.C. [USA], June 13 : Eat more carrots, spinach and broccoli, as a study warns that people with low levels of Vitamin A living in close con...


'Indulgent labelling' can make people eat more veggies: study

Labelling vegetables with indulgent descriptions usually used to describe fatty foods may help promote healthy eating, Stanford scientists say.The stu...


Brain scans could spot signs of autism in high-risk babies

A team of researchers has revealed that a specific magnetic resonance imaging procedure of six-month-olds may help in predicting which babies are at a...


Mosquito bites can be really irritating, tips on how to prevent them

Whether at home or on vacation pesky mosquito bites can cause misery. In addition to unpleasant itching and scratching days after they can also cause ...


Chronic illness may increase risk of suicide: study

People who suffer from chronic physical health conditions such as back pain, diabetes and heart disease may be at an increased risk of committing suic...


Grape seed extract may help prevent tooth decay: study

A natural compound found in grape seed extract may help prevent tooth decay by strengthening dentin - the tissue beneath a tooth's enamel - and increa...


New calculator can estimate success of kidney transplant outcome

Washington D.C.: The US researchers have developed a calculator, which can estimate the functioning of a kidney after transplantation.The study says, ...


Blood test may diagnose brain cancer five years early: study

A blood test may help diagnose brain cancer up to five years before symptoms arise, an advance that could lead to more effective treatments for the di...


Introduce egg, peanut early to newborns to prevent asthma

Washington D.C. [USA], June 9 : Canadian researchers have found that parents who do not feed their newborns with cows milk products, eggs and peanuts ...


Red onions may help combat cancer: study

Eating red onions may help fight cancer, say scientists including one of Indian origin, paving the way for a natural pill that can treat the deadly di...


Whole wheat bread healthier than white bread: study

The health benefits of whole wheat bread and processed white bread may vary from one person to another, a new study suggests.The findings could lead t...


Sleeping late on weekends may up heart disease risk: study

Going to bed and waking up later on weekends than on week days may lead to social jet lag which is associated with an increased risk of heart disease,...


Study suggests chronic pain are linked to increased risk of dementia

Washington D.C. [USA], June 6 : A recent study has found out that older people with persistent pain show quicker declines in memory as they age and ar...


Sleeping an extra hour may make you a better athlete: study

Sleeping for an additional hour for a week before an athletic event may boost your performance, say scientists who found that short-term sleep extensi...


New gene therapy could 'turn off' asthma

Scientists have discovered a DNA switch which can 'turn off' our reaction to allergies, an advance that may lead to gene therapies providing life-long...


Playing guitar may protect brain health: study

Playing a musical instrument may be good for your brain as it helps retain listening skills and ward off age-related cognitive decline, a new study cl...


Tobacco use doubles death risk in HIV patients: study

Tobacco use, including snuff, chewing and smoking, is more than twice as likely to cause death in HIV patients as the infection itself, scientists war...


New app to help improve lives of dementia patients

Scientists have developed the first app of its kind in the world that can digitally assess how suitable a residence, care facility or other environmen...

Displaying 9121 - 9150 of 9973 total results

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