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Alzheimer's patients less likely to suffer from lung cancer

People with Alzheimer's disease may have a higher risk of developing brain tumours, but they are less likely to develop lung cancer, according to a re...


Male partner's age may affect success of IVF: study

A man's age can significantly affect the success rate of having a baby through IVF procedure, according to a new study which contradicts the notion th...


Children with high IQ may lead a longer life, suggests study

In a recent study, researchers have found that higher intelligence (IQ) in childhood is linked with a lower lifetime risk of major causes of death, in...


New test can predict death risk in breast cancer patients

A molecular test can pinpoint which patients are at low risk of death from breast cancer even 20 years after diagnosis and tumour removal, a study has...


Slow walk may point to dementia: study

Walking slowly may be an indicator of dementia, say scientists who found that older adults who experience a slowing gait also suffered shrinkage of a ...


Chocolates can help boost mental health: study

Eating chocolates regularly can help boost cognitive abilities and mental health, as well as reduce memory decline in older adults, a study has found....


Artists, architects wired to think differently: study

Artists and architects think differently compared to other people, and use elaborate, detailed descriptions when they talk about spaces, scientists sa...


Stop Cleaning Your Ears With Cotton Buds Now

Should you be using cotton buds for ear cleaning? Before we answer that all important question though, let’s get something else clear.Ear Wax Plays An...


Daily Aspirin dose cuts pre-eclampsia risk in pregnant women by 82%

Would-be-mothers, who are at risk of pre-eclampsia, can reduce the chances of premature delivery by taking a low-dose aspirin in first trimester of pr...


Adolescent obesity can take years off your life

 A recent research has linked adolescent obesity to early mortality from cardiovascular diseases. The large-scale, 45-year Israeli study fou...


Too much of 'good fats' may be bad for health: study

Consuming excessive amounts of 'good fats' such as those found in olive oil and avocados may lead to fatty liver disease and increase the risk of diab...


Yoga is not as safe as it's believed to be, says study

People across the world believe yoga to be an alternative or complementary remedy to cure musculoskeletal disorders. "While yoga can be beneficia...


Eating soy products may stave off early menopause risk: study

Eating high amounts of whole grains, soy, tofu and other foods rich in vegetable proteins may prevent early menopause and prolong reproductive functio...


DNA repair could be hampered due to night shifts : Study

Washington, Jun 27: A new study has found that working in night shifts may hinder the body's ability to repair DNA damage caused by normal cellular pr...


Night phone use may harm mental health in teens: study

Teenagers who use their smartphones late at night may have low sleep quality, leading to poor mental health, reduced coping and self-esteem, a new stu...


Finally, a drug to benefit rare kidney cancer

Washington DC: People suffering from advanced kidney cancer, we have some good news for you.According to a recent study, some patients with a form of ...


Can your blood group predict heart attack risk?

New Delhi  : India is presently witnessing nearly two million heart attacks annually. A heart attack (clinically known as myocardial infarction) ...


Brisk walk may slow down Alzheimer's risk: study

Taking a brisk walk or engaging in other moderate-intensity physical activities may help slow down the progression of Alzheimer's disease in people wh...


Pedal your way to office for a stress-free life

Do you know! Your mode of transportation to office decides your stress quotient at work. A recent study suggests cycling to office can help reduc...


Exhaustion of immune cells linked to irritable bowel syndrome

Washington D.C. : Australian researchers have recently discovered that exhaustion of the immune system is linked to a specific type of an intestinal d...


Risk of infection higher for obese patients after bypass surgery: study

Obese patients have much higher odds of developing an infection soon after heart bypass surgery, according to a recent study.The University of Alberta...


Asian plant extract may help treat HIV: study

A medicinal plant found in Asia and traditionally used to treat arthritis contains a potent anti-HIV compound more powerful than the drug AZT, scienti...


Coconut oil as unhealthy as butter, animal fats: experts

Coconut oil, which is commonly touted as a health food, may be as unhealthy as animal fat and butter, US experts warn.Animal fats are generally seen a...


Acupuncture, a safe alternative to painkillers in emergency departments

Washington  : Getting jabbed with tiny needles in emergency departments is as safe and effective as popping painkillers for some patients, accord...


New ultrasound scoring system to cut unnecessary thyroid biopsies

Washington D.C. : With many Americans undergoing needless thyroid biopsies, a team of experts has framed new clinical guidelines that would go a long ...


Parkinson's may begin in gut cells: study

Scientists have found that malformations in a protein found in the gut cells may lead to the onset and spread of Parkinson's disease, an advance that ...


Girls exposed to passive smoking face greater arthritis risk

Washington :  Smoking before your daughter can be harmful as a study has found that children, especially girls, who are exposed to passive smokin...


Teens as sedentary as 60-year-olds : study

Physical activity among children and teens is lower than previously thought, according to a new study which found that 19-year-olds are as sedentary a...


Meditation, yoga can 'reverse' DNA reactions that cause stress: study

Mind-body interventions such as yoga, Tai Chi and meditation can boost our physical and mental well-being by 'reversing' the DNA processes that cause ...


Switching to olive oil from coconut oil can be as good as statins for your Heart

Washington D.C. : For a healthy heart, you may replace your food choices from meat, full-fat dairy products and coconut oil to healthier fat like oliv...

Displaying 9091 - 9120 of 9968 total results

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