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Immune-boosting cancer drugs may cause heart disease risks

Doctors have found a disturbing downside to some powerful new drugs that harness the immune system to fight cancer: In rare cases, they may cause pote...


An egg a day may reduce risk of stroke

Consuming an egg — nutrient-rich source of high quality protein — per day may lead to a 12 per cent reduction in risk of stroke, a new research shows....


Bacteria trapped in skin pore causes acne: study

Scientists have discovered that bacteria on the skin trapped in clogged pore, surrounded by oil and no air, release fatty acids that trigger inflammat...


Peanut extracts can make milk chocolates healthier

Scientists have found a way to use peanut skin extracts to make milk chocolate that has even more nutritional benefits than that of dark chocolate - w...


Male birth control shots may lower pregnancy odds: study

An experimental birth control vaccine for men can effectively prevent pregnancy in their female partners by lowering sperm count, scientists includi...


New protein linked to causing lung cancer identified: study

South Korean medical scientists claimed to have identified a new protein that is linked to causing lung cancer.Lung cancer, also known as lung carcino...


Cranberry can help fight harmful bacterial infections

Cranberry extract has the potential to interrupt communication between harmful bacteria thus stopping spread of infections and paving way to developin...


Muscle strength may help improve brain function: study

Increased muscle strength may help to improve brain function in adults who suffer from mild cognitive impairment (MCI), shows a new study. MCI defines...


Our brains get 'slacker' as we age: study

It is not just our skin that starts to lose its youthful firmness and elasticity as we age, but our brain too gets 'slacker', a new study has found.Re...


Mixing energy drinks may affect brain like cocaine

Drinking highly caffeinated beverages mixed with alcohol may trigger changes in the adolescent brain similar to taking cocaine, according to a new stu...


Pollution likely to affect children's resistance to allergy

Children living in big cities such as Delhi, are likely to grow susceptible to allergic ailments, more than adults, due to urban pollution, especially...


Consuming high-fat diet results in changes in brain: study

In a recent study, scientists have discovered a new mechanism that regulates obesity.The study shows that this new mechanism can potentially be target...


At 500 Kilos, This Woman Is Believed To Be Fattest In The World

CAIRO:  She weighs half a ton, believe it or not. This Egyptian woman, tipping the scales at about 500 kg, is thought to be the fattest...


TB trcks body's immune system to make people infectious

Tuberculosis (TB) tricks the immune system into attacking the bodys lung tissue, which makes the person highly infectious through coughing and the bac...


Whole grain may reduce risk of heart disease

Whole grain diet may help to significantly lower the risk of heart disease in overweight and obese adults who are under the age of 50, finds a new s...


Older men cling to '60s blueprint of masculinity: study

Older men continue to follow the 'Blueprint of Manhood' learnt in their youth - dominant ideas of masculinity that were prevalent in the 1960s - lea...


The Truth About Lemon Water

Lemon water is a two-ingredient drink hailed as one of the most popular magic potions in the wellness community, touted as the key to healthy digestio...


World Osteoporosis Day: Not just women, but men can also be affected with osteoporosis

Long thought to be a "women's disease", osteoporosis can affect men too because apart from the hormonal changes around menopause, factors such as low ...


How many eggs is it really safe to eat per week?

I’m an egg addict. Despite the fact that “become a stellar cook” makes it onto my list of New Year’s resolutions year after year, life has a way of tr...


Don't Put Your Tomatoes In The Fridge

Tomatoes are a signature grocery store go-to because they can make most recipes taste fresh and robust. But when the produce has been sitting for a fe...


Common cold medicine may stop cancer spread: study

A low-cost drug used for treating colds can prevent bladder cancer from spreading, as well as reduce resistance to anticancer drugs, a new study has f...


High-stress jobs may to lead to early grave:study

People in high-stress jobs with little control over their workflow are likely to die younger than those who have more flexibility in their jobs, a new...


Personalised treatment is way forward for cancer cure:experts

Personalised and "evidence-based" treatment rather than a generic approach is the "way forward" for cancer cure across the world, including in India, ...


High Cholesterol Can Cause Bone Loss: Study

High Cholesterol Can Cause Bone Loss: StudyHealth | Indo-Asian News Service | Updated: October 16, 2016 12:13 ISTEMAILPRINTCOMMENTSHigh Cholesterol Ca...


Arthritis can trigger heart attack: AIIMS doctor

People should not take arthritis- related ailments lightly as in some cases it can even lead to medical emergency situations like a heart attack or pu...


Obesity and Arthritis are linked: Medical Experts

Various studies have linked rising cases of arthritis with obesity which occurs due to poor lifestyle, food habits and lack of physical exercise, acco...


Calcium supplements may damage your heart: study

Taking calcium in the form of supplements may raise the risk of plaque buildup in arteries and heart damage, although a diet high in calcium-rich food...


'It's a miracle!' Boy, 13, with his head hanging at a 180-degree angle can finally see the world the right way up after life-changing surgery in India

Mahendra Ahirwar has a rare condition that made his head hang at a 180-degree angleTeenager's crocked neck meant he had to sit, he couldn't stand and ...


20 minutes of cycling can keep heart diseases at bay

A study conducted by the Purdue University concluded that regular cycling can cut your risk of heart disease by a whopping 50 per cent. Similarly, the...


For physicians, mouth is a window into rest of the body

Open your mouth wide, please," is a request most senior physicians make of their patients.By looking at the teeth, tongue and gums, a doctor can get v...

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