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Reduiced salt intake may protect kidney: study

Reducing sodium intake may provide benefits to health of kidney and heart among the patients with chronic kidney disease, a new study has claimed.Urin...


Camel urine could aid people with sleeping sickness: study

According to a research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, Biochemists have solved an old mystery as to the cause of esp...


Good nutrition keeps you stress free: study

Good nutrition not only benefits your physical health, but also works as a cornerstone for mental health, says a study published in the Clinical Psych...


Winter babies likely to increase mum's diabetes risk: study

Women who conceive in winters are more likely to develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy, increasing a range of risk factors for both child and ...


Fish oil supplements improves muscle function in older women: study

Taking fish oil supplements could improve muscle function in older women and potentially increase their quality of life, according to a latest study.I...


High BP now major problem in developing countries: study

The number of people across the globe suffering from high blood pressure has almost doubled over the past four decades, with the biggest rise in sou...


Carotid is key to high blood pressure

Removing one carotid body from some patients with high blood pressure can provide immediate and sustained fall in blood pressure, finds a new study....


Coffee not a carcinogen, but very hot drinks may cause cancer: WHO

The World Health Organization’s research arm has downgraded its classification of coffee as a possible carcinogen, declaring there isn’t enough proo...


Genes may behind your 'salty tooth': study

Your genes may be to blame, suggests a new study which has found that inherited differences in taste perceptions may explain why some people eat more ...


Brisk walk can improve artery health of Diabetics

Regular aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking or cycling, can improve artery health in people with Type-2 diabetes, says a study.Compromised arteria...


Youth with cancer at higher risk of heart disease

Heart disease has been known for being the leading cause of treatment-related, non-tumour deaths among survivors of childhood cancer, breast cancer an...


More women sexually active even after 70: study

Older single women may be more sexually active than thought, even beyond the seventh decade of their life, a new study has claimed.However, at least o...


Poor sleep habits may increase cancer risk in men: study

Men, take note! Working night shifts, skipping day-time naps or sleeping for more than ten hours every night may significantly increase your risk of c...


Ebola may have mutated to better infect humans: study

The Ebola virus may have adapted to better infect human cells, say scientists who identified mutations in the deadly virus that developed during the r...


Heart attack & heartburn are not the same thing, here's how you can differentiate

With heart diseases being one of the major causes of death in India, it is perhaps not surprising that most people presume any pain in the chest area ...


Skipping dinner may help shed body fat: study

Eating a very early dinner, or even skipping it, may help you lose weight, a new study has found. The first human test of early time-restricted (eTRF)...


Sugary diet may increase heart disease risk: study

Increased intake of food and drinks with added sugar may raise the risk of heart attack or myocardial infarction by about a third in some people, a ne...


Worrying about your health actually increases your risk of getting heart disease

A study looking at the health of a cohort of 7,052 people has found that those who had anxiety about their health were much more likely to go on to de...


Lack of sleep may make you eat more calories

Sleep deprivation may make you munch on more calories the following day, potentially leading to weight gain and obesity, a new study has found.The stu...


Now, a brain scanner to detect weight loss success

A team of researchers at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has developed a non-invasive brain scanner which can predict weight loss success based...


Your DNA may predict how many kids you will have

The age at which you will have your first child and the number of kids you are likely to have may be encoded in your DNA, say scientists who found tha...


Immune-boosting cancer drugs may cause heart disease risks

Doctors have found a disturbing downside to some powerful new drugs that harness the immune system to fight cancer: In rare cases, they may cause pote...


An egg a day may reduce risk of stroke

Consuming an egg — nutrient-rich source of high quality protein — per day may lead to a 12 per cent reduction in risk of stroke, a new research shows....


Bacteria trapped in skin pore causes acne: study

Scientists have discovered that bacteria on the skin trapped in clogged pore, surrounded by oil and no air, release fatty acids that trigger inflammat...


Peanut extracts can make milk chocolates healthier

Scientists have found a way to use peanut skin extracts to make milk chocolate that has even more nutritional benefits than that of dark chocolate - w...


Male birth control shots may lower pregnancy odds: study

An experimental birth control vaccine for men can effectively prevent pregnancy in their female partners by lowering sperm count, scientists includi...


New protein linked to causing lung cancer identified: study

South Korean medical scientists claimed to have identified a new protein that is linked to causing lung cancer.Lung cancer, also known as lung carcino...


Cranberry can help fight harmful bacterial infections

Cranberry extract has the potential to interrupt communication between harmful bacteria thus stopping spread of infections and paving way to developin...


Muscle strength may help improve brain function: study

Increased muscle strength may help to improve brain function in adults who suffer from mild cognitive impairment (MCI), shows a new study. MCI defines...


Our brains get 'slacker' as we age: study

It is not just our skin that starts to lose its youthful firmness and elasticity as we age, but our brain too gets 'slacker', a new study has found.Re...

Displaying 8581 - 8610 of 9122 total results

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