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Asthma, hay fever and eczema are allergic diseases: study

A major study has pinpointed more than 100 genetic risk factors that explain why some people suffer from asthma, hay fever and eczema.The study led by...


Blood-thinning drugs may reduce dementia risk: study

Blood-thinning drugs may not only prevent stroke in patients with abnormal heart rhythm, but also significantly reduce the risk of dementia, according...


High-intensity exercise may alter brain`s glucose metabolism

Engaging in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for only two weeks can help reduce glucose metabolism in all areas of the brain among people suffe...


Two-third of baby food products tested contain harmful chemicals like lead, arsenic

Here's a word of caution for new parents. You may have to avoid sprouts vegetable soup, some cereals and other ready-to-eat food products for your bab...


New type of taste behind our love for pasta: study

Scientists have identified a potential seventh taste - carbohydrate - which may be behind our craving for starchy foods such as bread, pasta and rice....


Get rid of pesticides from fruits and vegetables by using THIS ingredient from your kitchen

Pesticides used in growing fruits and vegetables are highly dangerous, the toxic chemicals can cause a number of health issues from lowering your sper...


Feeling Low? Your Diet May Need More Iron - These 5 Foods Can Help

Feeling exhausted and down and out lately? Do you look pale and sickly, your heart pounds and you gasp for air after a short walk? Your head hurts and...


Kidney transplant prolongs life of patients on long-term dialysis

Washington D.C. : According to a recent study, a kidney transplant prolongs the lives of not only those patients, who have recently initiated dialysis...


Silk may be used to repair damaged spinal cords: study

Cleaned, sterilised silk from Asian wild silkworms has the properties well suited for spinal cord repair following injury, according to a study.The mo...


Psychopaths may be beneficial for 'greater good': study

Psycopaths - perceived as cold and ruthless - may be good for the society in certain situations, suggests a study which found that such individuals ar...


Statin use may up risk of diabetes

A study has recently warned that long term use of cholesterol-lowering drug, statin, is linked to a 30 percent increase in risk of developing Type-2 d...


Botox may treat migraines in children, teens

Treating your child or teenager with Botox jabs may be an effective and safe treatment to relieve their migraine headaches, suggests a recent study.&n...


Long-term opioid use may not increase risk of Alzheimers

Long-term use of powerful pain-relieving drugs is not associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease, shows a recent study.According to the ...


Classic psychedelic drugs may reduce criminal behaviour, says recent study

Research on the benefits of psychedelic drugs started decades ago, mainly to treat mental illness. However, it had to be stopped because of the reclas...


Irregular heartbeat associated with thyroid problems

People with high thyroid hormone levels are at greater risk of developing irregular heart rhythm (known as atrial fibrillation) than those with lower ...


Women giving birth in winter at lower risk of 'baby blues': study

Women who give birth to a baby during winter and spring are less likely to suffer from 'baby blues' or post-natal depression, a study has found.Resear...


Depression still linked to higher risk of early deaths: study

Even with increased awareness about mental illness, according to a new study, depression is still strongly linked to higher long-term risk of early de...


5 super foods to include in your diet to fight 'bad cholesterol'

Various kinds of lifestyle diseases are affecting our health on a daily basis and high cholesterol is one of them. It is one of the root causes of hea...


Aspirin a day may keep liver cancer away: study

Taking aspirin daily can reduce the risk of liver cancer, a new study suggested.The researchers found that everyday aspirin therapy could significantl...


High BP ups risk of heart valve disorder: study

You may have to exercise and take a proper diet daily; as high blood pressure from early life may increase the risk of developing most common heart va...


New drug discovered to treat bowel cancer

Washington D.C. : Briton researchers have recently discovered a new drug target for bowel cancer that is specific to tumour cells and less toxic than ...


Night phone use may harm mental health in teens: study

Teenagers who use their smartphones late at night may have low sleep quality, leading to poor mental health, reduced coping and self-esteem, a new stu...


Lack of sleep in pregnancy may contribute to gestational diabetes

Washington D.C  : Pregnant women may develop gestational diabetes due to lack of sleep, a new study suggests. The amount of time spent sleep...


Stress can prove to be as unhealthy as junk food: study

As much as lack of nutrition is causing harm to your body, stress does too.A new finding suggests that stress is just as harmful to our bodies like ju...


MRI brain scans can identify MS risk in children: study

MRI brain scans can help identify children at high risk of developing multiple sclerosis (MS) much before symptoms appear, which may lead to earlier d...


Magic mushrooms may treat depression: study

Magic mushrooms may effectively treat depression by 'rebooting' the activity of key brain circuits in patients suffering from the disorder, a study cl...


Hormone therapy safe for women with migraines: study

Hormone therapy is safe for treating menopause symptoms in women who suffer from migraines, a study has found.Migraine headaches are common among wome...


Child obesity grows tenfold since 1975: study

The world had 10 times as many obese children and teenagers last year than in 1975, but underweight kids still outnumbered them, a study said Wednesda...


Happier marriages linked to healthier hearts: study

Men whose marriages grow stronger over the years have healthier cholesterol and blood pressure than peers whose unions fall apart, said a study Tuesda...


DNA damage caused by cancer treatment reversed

Scientists have discovered a new way that cells use to fix a dangerous type of DNA damage caused by cancer treatment.A team led by researchers at the ...

Displaying 8281 - 8310 of 9310 total results

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