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Eat spinach, avacados in 30's to counter cognitive aging

Washington D.C.: Here's another reason to consume lutein-rich foods, as a recent study has suggested that eating spinach, kale and avacados in middle ...


Driving for over 2 hours daily may lower your IQ: study

Driving cars may be sending your brain into reverse, warn scientists - including one of Indian origin - who have found that regularly spending over tw...


Can eye test help diagnose autism?

Washington D.C. : Researchers have herald a new tool that helps physicians identify a sub-group of people with Autism spectrum disorders (ASD). T...


Dietary supplements, energy drinks pose serious health risks: Research

Dietary supplements and energy drinks may cause serious health issues and should be taken with caution, warn scientists who found that poison control ...


Depression can alter brain's structure: study

Depression could result in changes to the structure of a key component of the brain, a study has warned.Alterations were found in parts of the brain k...


High-fat pregnancy diet risks offspring's mental health

Washington D.C. : Moms-to-be, you may want to put eating high-fat diet on your to-don't list as a recent study has linked it with health disorders suc...


People with healthy lifestyle live up to seven years longer: study

People who do not smoke, consume alcohol moderately and maintain a healthy weight may live up to seven years longer than the general population, and s...


Moderate exercise, diet may cut risk of c-sec: study

Pregnant women who follow a healthy diet and indulge in regular moderate exercises are less likely to have a Cesarean section or gain weight as well a...


Scientists discover mechanism that may prevent death of cells

Scientists in the UK have discovered a new mechanism that could help slow down the progression of neurodegenerative diseases like dementia and neurolo...


Antibiotics may up birth defects in newborns

Washington D.C. : Beware would-be-mothers as a study has recently found that certain antibiotics during pregnancy may increase risk of major birth def...


Babies start learning language in the womb:study

Language learning begins in the womb, say scientists who have found that babies can distinguish between someone speaking to them in English and Japane...


Vegan diet may affect immunity, say health experts

Vegans, especially expectant mothers, run greater risk of suffering "lowered immunity" or contracting infection as their protein intake comes complete...


Indian population, carrier of hepatitis B: Study

 Viral hepatitis is inflammation and damage of the liver by viruses , most commonly hepatotrophic (predominantly with an affinity for attacking t...


Protein that may prevent heart attack, stroke identified

Scientists have identified a naturally occurring protein in the human body that protects against heart attacks and strokes, and may help develop new t...


Mothers who breastfeed may have reduced risk of MS: study

Mothers who breastfeed for at least 15 months over one or more pregnancies may be less likely to develop multiple sclerosis, a study has found.Multipl...


Eating tomatoes daily can cut risk of skin cancer by half in men

Washington D.C. : If you love eating tomatoes, then here's another reason to have one more as a study has recently found that people, especially males...


Yoga may protect against memory decline: study

Practising yoga may protect against cognitive decline in old age by increasing the thickness in brain areas associated with attention and memory, a st...


Football may boost bone development in teens: study

Teenagers who play football for as little as three hours a week may have healthy and stronger bones, a study has claimed."Our research shows that play...


Kefir can be beneficial post-exercise beverage for cancer survivors

Washington D.C. : Kefir is a good way for cancer survivors to enjoy a fortifying post-exercise dairy drink without stomach upset, according to a recen...


Generous people live happier lives: study

Generosity makes people happier, say scientists who have found that even promising to be more generous is enough to trigger a change in our brains tha...


Depression affects males and females differently, suggests study

Washington D.C. July 12 : According to a recent study, researchers found that depression has different effects on the brain activity of male and femal...


Western diet may be blamed for chronic liver inflammation

Washington D.C : Addicted to the 'happy diet' -- commonly known as the Western diet? Here's another reason why western diet, high in fat and sugar, is...


Diabetes may accelerate risk of eye disease: study

Diabetes patients who are also suffering from obstructive sleep apnoea may be at greater risk of developing a common form of eye disease leading to bl...


Sleep Infographic: Indians Sleep For Just 6.5 Hours A Night & This Is How It Affects Us

We spend 1/3rd of our lives sleeping and yet we often forget just how essential it is to our wellbeing. A lack of sleep will have a detrimental effect...


Vaccine shows protection against gonorrhoea for first time

London: A meningitis vaccine has been shown to protect against gonorrhoea, making it the first drug to prevent sexually transmitted disease that is in...


Drinking coffee may lead to longer life: study

Your daily cup of joe may help you live longer, say scientists who have found that drinking coffee may lower the risk of death due to heart disease, c...


Childhood obesity may up hip disease risk: study

Children who are obese are more likely to suffer from a painful hip disease in their teens or adulthood, a study has found.Significant hip deformities...


A urine test can predict recurrence of cancer

Washington  : A team of researchers have developed a simple urine test to more accurately predict the recurrence of bladder cancer. Research...


Daily consumption of citrus fruits cuts risk of dementia by 23 %

Washington D.C. : Attention people, as older adults who consume orange, grapefruit daily can lower the risk of dementia by 23 percent, finds a study.&...


Controlled temperature change inside ears can cure migraine: Study

Washington  : Briton researchers have recently found that application of gentle cooling and warming currents, for 20 minutes daily inside the ear...

Displaying 8221 - 8250 of 9132 total results

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