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Music therapy can provide relief to cancer patients:study

Listening to music may help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, pain and fatigue in cancer patients, while also boosting their quality of life, new researc...


Be friends with thin people to lose weight: study

You may be able to shed those extra kilos if you include thinner people in your social life, a new study suggests. Ironically, people who want to lose...


Chronic kidney disease may lead to diabetes: study

A new study has established a novel link between chronic kidney disease and diabetes. A team of researchers have identified molecular mechanisms that ...


Societal cooperation led to larger human brain: study

The challenge of judging a person's social group and deciding whether or not to cooperate with them has promoted the rapid expansion of human brain si...


Painkillers may work differently for men and women: study

Painkillers and antidepressants may work differently in men and women as the potential therapeutics are rarely tested in females, a new study has cl...


Video selfies of brushing may improve oral health: study

Recording smartphone video selfies of brushing teeth may help people learn techniques on how to improve their oral health, a new study suggests. While...


Chemicals in food, environment may harm male fertility: study

Contaminants present in the environment and chemicals found in food could be harming the fertility of dogs, according to a new study that may help sol...


Fresh fruits in daily diet to prevent, reduce kidney stones

Scientists have found another health benefit of eating fruits every day. According to them, fruit extract may prevent and even dissolve human kidney s...


Toe-tapping while sitting may prevent arterial disease: study

Fidgeting while sitting for an extended period of time at a computer or during a long flight can protect the arteries in your legs and potentially hel...


Being lazy may be sign of high intelligence: study

People who are lazy spend more time engaged in thought, leading them to be more intelligent than their active counterparts, a new study suggests.Activ...


Sleep disorders may increse stroke risk: study

Sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea may increase the risk of stroke and hinder recovery from the condition, new research has warned.Based...


Adapting to smoke gave humans an evolutionary edge: study

A genetic mutation may have helped modern humans adapt to smoke exposure from fires and perhaps sparked an evolutionary advantage over Neanderthals an...


Dental root tip infection increases heart disease risk

Untreated infection of the root tip of a tooth which is common and often symptomless may increase the risk of heart diseases, new research suggests. "...


Excess of red meat, eggs may up mortality risk

A higher intake of proteins from animal sources, like processed and unprocessed red meats, eggs can lead to an increase in mortality rate in people li...


New nutrition model to help fight obesity

Scienists have developed a new framework called “nutritional geometry” which is the culmination of more than 20 years of research in the field.Accordi...


Cancer, HIV drugs get cheaper

The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has slashed prices of 24 medicines used in the treatment of cancer, HIV, bacterial infection, anx...


Over 22.6 pc Hyderabadis are diabetic: Study

A new study claimed over 40 per cent of  Delhiites are diabetic, as it placed the national capital in the first position among cities closely fol...


Eating fried food may stop brain from controlling diet: study

Stay clear of meals rich in saturated fat such as lard and butter as consuming such food affects a part of the brain which helps control hunger, a n...


Scientists make advance in fight against antibiotic resistance

British scientists say they have developed a pioneering new treatment to prevent bacterial skin infections, which could also be used in the battle aga...


Exercise for one hour daily to beat health risks from sitting: study

Moderate exercise such as cycling and walking for just an hour daily may eliminate the health risks associated with sitting for eight or more hours a ...


Brain games can prevent dementia

Lowering your risk of dementia is as simple as playing a computer game. In a first, researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health hav...


Watching television for long hours can increase death risk: study

Watching a lot of television every day may increase the risk of dying from a blood clot in the lungs, according to new research. A lung blood clot, me...


Early menopause may trigger aging, old-age problems in women: study

Women who go through menopause earlier than others are more likely to age faster and are the most vulnerable to age-related diseases, according to a n...


New compound may prevent development of epilepsy: study

Researchers, including those of Indian-origin, have developed novel neuroprotective compounds that may prevent the development of epilepsy.In a study ...


Female smokers at greater risk of brain bleeds: study

Bleeding inside the lining of the brain or subarachnoid hemorrhage is significantly more common among smokers, especially women, a new study has found...


Breastfeeding may protect moms against diabetes: study

Breastfeeding may be a cost-effective intervention aimed at reducing the long-term risk of developing type 2 diabetes among women with gestational dia...


Nasal irrigation good for patients with chronic sinus: study

Results of a new trial show that patient with chronic sinus congestion to use nasal irrigation a popular nonpharmacologic treatment improved their sym...


Obesity is three times deadlier for men than women: study

Men, those excess kilos can drive you to an early grave, suggests a new study. The study of 3.9 million adults found that being overweight or obese is...


Extra virgin olive oil healthiest for frying fish: study

The healthiest way to fry fish is to use extra virgin olive oil, especially if this is done in the microwave, a new study has found. The frying techni...


Too much red meat puts your kidneys at risk

A recent study has suggested that the more red meat you eat, the likelier you are to suffer from kidney failure. To examine the relationship between d...

Displaying 6061 - 6090 of 6502 total results
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