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New compound may prevent development of epilepsy: study

Researchers, including those of Indian-origin, have developed novel neuroprotective compounds that may prevent the development of epilepsy.In a study ...


Female smokers at greater risk of brain bleeds: study

Bleeding inside the lining of the brain or subarachnoid hemorrhage is significantly more common among smokers, especially women, a new study has found...


Breastfeeding may protect moms against diabetes: study

Breastfeeding may be a cost-effective intervention aimed at reducing the long-term risk of developing type 2 diabetes among women with gestational dia...


Nasal irrigation good for patients with chronic sinus: study

Results of a new trial show that patient with chronic sinus congestion to use nasal irrigation a popular nonpharmacologic treatment improved their sym...


Obesity is three times deadlier for men than women: study

Men, those excess kilos can drive you to an early grave, suggests a new study. The study of 3.9 million adults found that being overweight or obese is...


Extra virgin olive oil healthiest for frying fish: study

The healthiest way to fry fish is to use extra virgin olive oil, especially if this is done in the microwave, a new study has found. The frying techni...


Too much red meat puts your kidneys at risk

A recent study has suggested that the more red meat you eat, the likelier you are to suffer from kidney failure. To examine the relationship between d...


Scientists discover first physiological sign that indicates Alzheimer's

Scientists have identified the first physiological sign to indicate Alzheimer's disease - a decrease in blood flow in the brain - using a powerful too...


Multivitamins have no proven benefits during pregnancy

Contradicting the common belief, a review of science data on Tuesday claimed that multivitamins and mineral supplements that are taken so religiously ...


Kids who suck their thumbs, bite nails have fewer allergies: study

Children who bite their nails or suck their thumbs are less likely to develop allergic sensitivities, a new study suggests. And, if they have both 'ba...


Eat fruits, veggies to feel happy: study

Eating more fruit and vegetables can substantially increase people’s happiness levels later, a new study has claimed. The study is one of the first ma...


Eating pasta will not make you obese: study

Good news for pasta lovers, scientists have found that eating pasta may reduce the risk of both general and abdominal obesity, contradicting the bel...


Obesity puts you at multiple sclerosis risk

 A new study has warned that overweight people are more likely to develop multiple sclerosis.Individuals who are obese in early adulthood face a ...


Bacteria can block mosquitoes from transmitting Zika virus: study

A benign bacterium can completely block transmission of Zika virus in Aedes aegypti, the mosquito species responsible for passing the virus to humans,...


Testosterone therapy can boost sex lives of older men: study

A testosterone therapy can help boost the sex lives of elderly men facing issues such as low sexual drive and erectile dysfunction, say researchers.Te...


Butter may not be bad for your heart: study

Consuming butter in limited quantities may not increase the risk of heart disease or stroke - and it might actually be slightly protective against dia...


Excess, insufficient sleep may raise diabetes risk in men

Men who sleep either fewer or more hours than average may face a greater risk of developing diabetes, a new study has warned.In a group of nearly 800 ...


Your blood can predict 10-year risk for heart disease: study

Scientists have developed a new way to calculate a person's 10-year risk for heart disease by analysing their blood, a method which has greater precis...


Dogs can sniff out low blood sugar in diabetes patients: study

Dogs can be trained to spot the warning sign of diabetes in patients by sniffing a chemical found in our breath which provides a flag to warn of dange...


CSIR launches anti diabetic ayurvedic drug BGR-34

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has launched BGR-34, an anti-diabetic ayurvedic drug designed for type 2 Diabetes mellitus.A CSI...


Overuse of gadgets triggers early ageing

Excessive use of electronic gadgets, including mobile phones and tablets, can cause "tech neck" that leads to early signs of ageing, health experts ha...


Low birth weight ups type 2 diabetes risk: study

People born with a low birth weight due to genetic factors may have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a new study has found.Researchers...


Running regularly may boost memory: study

Running regularly for a few months may boost your memory, say scientists who have identified a novel protein that fuels exercise-induced neuron grow...


Diabetes increases heart attack risk by 50%: study

A new study has found that diabetes can raise the risk of heart attack death by 50%. Researchers at the University of Leeds tracked 700,000 people, wh...


Listening to Mozart may lower blood pressure: study

Listening to a soothing Mozart symphony may significantly lower blood pressure and heart rate, a new study has claimed. The study of the effect of dif...


High levels of education may up brain tumour risk: study

A university degree may be linked to an increased risk of developing a brain tumour, according to a new study which found that gliomas were more commo...


Yoga can improve immunity, help to tackle health conditions: Doctors

As the world celebrated the second International Yoga Day on Tuesday, health experts have urged people to make Yoga an integral part of their life as ...


Blueberries can improve vision and memory

While awareness about the benefits of blueberries in warding off cancer and lowering the risk of heart disease is widespread, very few people are awar...


Immune system linked to lower heart attack risk: study

Researchers have found that people with higher levels of antibodies in their blood have a lower risk of heart attack, an advance which may make it eas...


Viagra can cut heart attack risk: study

The little blue pill that helps men have sex can also be used to ward off heart attacks and heart failures, according to a recent study.Lead scientist...

Displaying 6031 - 6060 of 6449 total results
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