5 Foods to Sharpen Your Memory

Wed 08 Nov 2017, 20:46:01
Have you been a little forgetful lately? Misplaced keys, lost glasses... it’s annoying, and it’s not just restricted to old age.
Blame it on your millennial diet – rich in fats, high on junk, and full of carbs. According to a study published in the Annals of Neurology in 2012, intake of high saturated fat has a detrimental effect on memory and thinking capabilities.
But not all is lost. We can take certain measures to boost memory and delay the onset of cognitive degeneration as we grow older. It is good to indulge in brain exercises early on. There are certain foods too, which when included in diet, can help sharpen your memory:
Avocado is an elixir of health benefits. 
The high content of vitamin K and folate in avocado arms the brain against blood clots, and at the same time, boosts memory and concentration.
Dr Rupali Datta, Consultant Nutritionist, Fortis EscortsAvocado is a treasure trove of monounsaturated fats . A moderate intake of this fruit helps in improving blood cholesterol profile, which in turn improves memory function.
It’s time you include this super food in your diet. After all, you can experiment with avocados – blend it in smoothies, make an avocado salad and more. Basically, just experiment and get innovative!

Berries boost brain function. 
Berries are the stars of our kitchen. With innumerable health benefits, they pack a power punch when it comes to boosting brain function. The presence of gallic acid in berries, especially blueberries, makes it excellent in protecting the brain from stress and degeneration.
According to Dr Rupali Datta,
Berries contain antioxidants that help protect the brain against oxidative damage, early ageing and memory impairment. Blueberries are the best of the family, with high content of anthocyanin and Vitamin C

and fiber.
Make it a habit to pop some berries daily. And it’s so much better than gorging on unhealthy wafers and chips.

Nuts are good for memory. 
Remember your mother soaking almonds overnight because “badaam khane se dimag tez hota hai”. My mother packs nuts for me till date every time I come home.
Don’t just eat almonds, walnuts are great for memory as well.
Dr Rupali Datta, Consultant Nutritionist, Fortis EscortsNuts, especially walnuts, provide omega-3 fats, which have a positive effect on memory capabilities. In addition, they add up to your antioxidant and vitamin score too.
Peppermint tea. 
Fancy some tea? Peppermint and rosemary tea coming up straight. These herbs improve memory and protect the brain from foreign particles. Researchers from Northumbria University found that herbs such as rosemary, chamomile and peppermint have positive impact on memory. According to their research,
Drinking peppermint tea improves alertness, rosemary is associated with enhanced prospective memory, while chamomile tea has a calming effect.Dr Rupali Datta, Consultant Nutritionist, Fortis EscortsPeppermint and Rosemary are two herbs that promote better memory. There is medical research which shows that consuming peppermint tea leads to sharper long-term memory. 
Milk is a power food for a reason. 
Milk is a staple of Indian diet, but it isn’t just beneficial for stronger bones and increasing your height. There’s a more lot more that this white liquid can accomplish.
Dr Rupali Datta suggests drinking the white elixir of health. She says,
In addition to calcium and quality proteins, milk also has an important antioxidant–Glutathione – which helps reduce oxidative stress thereby improving brain health.

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