DC Pandey shares a few simple Class 12 Physics tips here to help students understand, learn and enjoy the subject:

1. In class 11, Physics starts with Mechanics. This is the toughest and most conceptual part of Physics and takes time and patience to learn. So keep patience and learn Mechanics very well.

2.While there are only a fixed number of concepts, problems are unlimited on each topic which never end in the available time as any competition is a race against time.

3.If the students have formulae at the tip of their fingers and they apply the right formula at right place with full understanding of it, you have basically grasped almost 20% of Physics.

4.If you buy too many books, you will see that most of the times 50-60% problems are repeated in all books. So you are just wasting your valuable time in similar types of problems.So buy only one Physics book of good standard.

5.In any competition at least 30-40% problems are asked from these topics:
Kinematics, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Work, Energy, Power, Circular Motion, Centre of Mass, Collision, impulse, Gravitation, Fluid Mechanics (without Surface Tension and Viscosity) Heat & Thermodynamics, Wave Motion, Current Electricity, Young’s Double Slit experiment, Modern Physics and Alternating Current.

6.And last but not the least, Physics is just like a gripping thriller movie. You have to watch each and every scene very carefully to identify the killer in the end.

In Physics, you have to attend each and every class with 100% concentration and only then you can start scoring well in last few months.
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